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Category: Project Management Tool
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Category: Project Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Productivity


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Sir Richard Branson

Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

GuideCX reviews

The benefits I received from this product include: Structured onboarding process, stress free day, engagement from our clients, and the ability to become more efficient throughout the day!

- Cameron M. Business Development Director

The level of detail the tool provides is above and beyond. Our clients, internal team, and third-party vendors all have full transparency, accountability, and are constantly informed. It combines process, schedule, timeline, product manuals, communication, and documentation into one. I have been a PM for 10 years and never have I experienced something that was *actually* a one-stop shop turnkey solution. The training materials, onboarding process, and support staff consistently exceed my expectations. Whenever I have a question, I chat with support and they have an answer within moments. I love the iterative nature of the platform where feedback is taken from users and implemented.

- Teresa H. Implementations Project Manager

It is hard to check out messages as they are so separate, in different tasks, not on the same feed. Firstly, it was difficult to find out how to send messages, how to tag people.

- Julia S. Project Coordinator

MindGenius reviews

The interface is both fast enough and intuitive enough to support real-time editing with groups of people. The integration with Microsoft Office speeds the process of utilizing the content.

- Cecilia E. Partner

We use this software to visualize complex estate structures for high net worth indiviudals. It works well for this and the clients appreciate seeing it this way.

- Clark D. Financial Planner

It would be great to see more options of "document view" - like calendar (except Gantt chart) or opportunity to add tags & group of tags to map topics.

- Wojciech K. Owner

Pros & cons


It not only exceeds my needs as a PM but it engages the customer with transparency, in a way that is both internally robust, and externally impressive
The attention to detail the Beyond team has is outstanding
There were a few tasks I had in one of my projects that didn't have attachments on them and Customer agent noticed this
It's automation allows us to start the project and step back with confidence that each task will assign at the appropriate time
Overall, GudeCX helps to keep our projects organized and helps our customer's to see the project's progress, we really like this."

I have run into a few snags which all ended up being user error
The answer was there in front of me
I just needed the service team to point it out
Our training was horrible, and the person and no clue how we were going to be using it at all
Check the Details Before Falling for the Sales Pitch
There's a bit of irony when you fail to onboard with onboarding software
After more than 4 months, we decided to cancel their service and have moved to another onboarding platform."


We use this to inform and communicate the status of projects
The question sets are great and the templates are good for providing ideas for projects and how to structure the projects
Being able to then drop the mind map into project planning tool is fantastic
The report tool is great for internal communication about progress and workload
I have used this product since its initial launch and it just gets better and better
The support, which I have hardly ever needed, is also great and very responsive
Just been at meeting today where delegates were impressed at me making mind map of notes and demonstrated the exporting feature and fabulous templates - expect new orders."

No Android version and iOS version has limited capability
I don't like that you have to us the sidebars and bottom bars to adjust your screen view
I wish you could zoom in/out with a roller ball on the mouse and click and drag to move your screen view
It can be very resource intensive, and rearranging or calculating the critical path after a change can tax the processing power of some laptops."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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