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Higher Logic

Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Higher Logic reviews

"Great Community Features" What do you like best about Higher Logic Thrive? Higher Logic has a lot of amazing features that help build member engagement. We especially love the ability to build microsites for each of our specialty groups. Our members also love the discussion board, event calendar, member directory, and member resource library features. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about Higher Logic Thrive? One downside that I've run into is feeling like I need to contact support for items that I wish I could do myself. For example, mass updating the email preferences of our groups. I also wish the reports included more data and would go back further than a month at a time. It would be really nice to see our annual data in the reports. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. Recommendations to others considering Higher Logic Thrive: I would recommend hiring either an internal or external consultant. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems is Higher Logic Thrive solving and how is that benefiting you? We utilize Higher Logic's microsite feature to create personalized websites for each of our specialty groups. Higher Logic has a lot of different widget options available to help us personalize the websites and build member engagement. We use the discussion board to allow members to stay engaged with each other and leadership, even through their emails. The member resource library allows our members to share valuable documents and resources. And the member directory gives our members the ability to find each other and connect either through the website or their own email. We use the member directory feature for mentor/mentee searches too. The ability to give our members selective admin privileges also provides our volunteers the opportunity to make edits to their own websites.

- Kaylen H.

"Effective tool for Member Engagement" What do you like best about Higher Logic Thrive? I admit I was skeptical about purchasing Higher Logic Community because I was not sure the benefit would warrant the cost - staff convinced me to try it. Within the first three months, I saw the value of the community, especially for the association board and committees, and began to see the potential for membership engagement. About the same time, the pandemic hit! The community platform was a lifeline for many of our members. The opportunity to engage with each other on the platform was a valuable networking avenue, especially when our members were isolated and disconnected from each other. Now that restrictions regarding work location and travel are being lifted, our members are still using the community at a high engagement rate. The association membership has grown in the past two years. I attribute some of that growth to enhanced engagement through the community platform. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about Higher Logic Thrive? The search feature for past posts or conversations is cumbersome. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems is Higher Logic Thrive solving and how is that benefiting you? The community platform has enhanced board and committee communication and productivity. The community has quickly become perceived as a significant benefit of membership; thus, it has contributed to member recruitment and retention.

- Ann T.

"Easy to setup and engagement building" What do you like best about Higher Logic Thrive? The setup is very intuitive and easy even for a non-coder. The support staff and the HUB community are efficient in answering any questions or resolving any issues. The community is also user-friendly for our diverse membership. I would highly recommend it to build a safe space for members to exchange and build relationships. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What do you dislike about Higher Logic Thrive? The polling tool could be a bit more elaborate. Currently the basic functions doesn't allow it's usage for a different variety of needs. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com. What problems is Higher Logic Thrive solving and how is that benefiting you? We were looking to establish a safe space where our member community can network, exchange ideas, find solutions for their problems and have a sense of belonging. With the support of HL team, hard work, our member community's collaboration and time, we've managed to create this environment we were looking for our members.

- Vasan S.

Metadata reviews

Metadata has been an exceptional partner for me as we have a very small marketing team. They have been working very closely to us, helping me not only to manage the campaigns but also suggesting improvements. Their customer service is excellent.

- Carlos T.

Metadata is essential for any organization that wants to accelerate its ABM success. Their CS team works hand-in-hand to set up and test a variety of experiments aligned to your ABM goals, and can quickly scale up a journey-based content distribution plan (advertising). The best part is this program can be run by a one-person marketing team in a high-growth start-up. The team at Metadata is always sharing new strategies and ideas to test with their platform-it's almost like an agency approach-which is very helpful to get the most out of the investment in this platform. Using Metadata along-side additional outbound tactics, we were able to drive triple-digit growth in the pipeline with one of our core verticals.

- Matt C.

Metadata.io is one of the singular most powerful tools for B2B marketers available today. But yet, most are shifting away from paid budgets. Having built a couple successful paid programs, and one of them supercharged by Metadata, it seems the difficulty is getting executive/finance buy-in to the hard costs. B2B marketers have always had a hard time with an ad-centric budget. It's why they were the pioneers of email and SDR programs. But hiring people and ruining your domain health have their own intrinsic hard costs. Metadata.io expands my ability to execute on a high-value channel that is challenging to run natively, and brings many wonderful capabilities not otherwise possible - multivariate testing automation, opportunity/lifecycle-based targeting automation. Also most B2B performance marketers are only running paid social on LinkedIn, but Metadata.io's proprietary matching capabilities (last I heard it used 12 data vendors) allow it to draw a line between a decent percentage of personal emails and business emails, which in turn allows for the same high-fidelity business contact targeting (which we all love about LinkedIn) on Facebook, Quora, and Google Adwords. Using Google Adwords for B2B has - until now - been only through keyword-driven search campaigns. Customer match lists didn't work because Google can really only operate with personal emails but can't match business emails. Metadata.io is changing that with its new customer match integration with Google, truly first-of-its-kind. As you can see I'm a big fan, but not without reason. The tech is top-notch and they're security experts. If you're familiar with B2B paid then you know that at least 2 of the things I mentioned above were first-of-its-kind innovations. Since we've all discovered paid display can't really drive ROI for B2B, no matter how much 6sense and DemandBase want to convince us otherwise, we've either dropped paid entirely or shifted our budget to paid social. Stage-based targeting automation and matched audiences on Adwords are both Metadata-ONLY capabilities. And using these - and the automated multivariate testing (the only alternative I've seen for this was Amplero, and their hugely expensive and sophisticated model led to their collapse a couple years back) - I was able to turn LinkedIn ads into the 2nd-highest driver of new opportunities at Convoy, right behind SDR outbound. But its value extends to existing customers and retargeting as well, given the integrations with Hubspot, Marketo and Salesforce, that allow for targeting based off of all results in a certain Salesforce report, for instance. Oh and you can preview your matched audiences too, which is incredibly valuable for ensuring your targeting is correct. The native reporting features also give insight into attribution in a way that most existing reporting cannot. You can see impact on specific accounts/companies by impressions, clicks as well as leads and opportunities.

- Evan D,

Pros & cons

Higher Logic

Allows a safe space for community members to communicate with each other
Offers the organization an area to provide updates that are relevant and timely to the community members
Connect members with similar interests with online events and
when Covid allows
in person events

It would be nice if it could integrate with non-Higher Logic marketing automation platforms to better monitor communication limits
A more visual interface would be nice so it would be easier to maintain brand integrity
Better analytics is always something the marketing department is looking for


I liked the sales pitch on this product, it was strong and offered a lot of solutions to our current issues
I love the audience creation functionality as well as our ability to test dozens of top of funnel offers with each audience
We have a very large Techstack that we use and Metadata is certainly one of the top in terms of customer success and support."

The budget and bidding section is a bit confusing, even after having worked in it this long
I also find the audience tool to be very weak
Using Tradedesk, LinkedIn and Facebook through Metadata provided weaker results than using the native platform
Put your paid social demand generation on auto pilot."

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