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Hospice Tools

Category: Accessibility Tools

Industries: Education


Hospice Tools eDocs EMR & TimeKeeper Timesheets


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Category: Accessibility Tools

Industries: Education


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Most popular feedback for Hospice Tools

I feel that hospice tools has been extremely user-friendly and easy to onboard new staff to use proficiently. As I previously mentioned, I am new to using hospice tools and have never encountered a user question thus far, as I feel that each task is intuitive and self explanatory.

Johanna G.

About Hospice Tools

Hospice Tools is the CHAP VERIFIED EMR built for independent hospice agencies like yours! Hospice Tools helps teams like your succeed with easy charting, smart care plans, super-fast IDG, bulk dashboard eSigning & uploading, mobile apps, customizable forms & reports, and much more! Our built in timesheets & billing tools deliver multiple layers of compliance, real-time Medicare status, room & board, & appeals tracking! Over $1 Billion in Hospice Billings & unparalleled service!

Most popular feedback for texthelp

I love read and write in a school setting. It allows all my students to be able to use their computer for accessing websites and other programs with a read-aloud function. This read aloud for websites allows students at a lower reading level to gain access to websites and programs they may not have had access to in the past. Students have so many tools at their fingertips with Read&Write. They can make vocabulary lists which are automatically exported into a document with definitions, pictures and room for notes. It is a wonderfully adaptive program for students of all needs.

Scott K.

About texthelp

AI Writing Assistant lets everyone read, write and express themselves more confidently

Hospice Tools reviews

The speed and ease of access to see patient information

- Danielle W. Office Manager

Overall, Hospice tools is easy and convenient to use.

- zuzanna s. NP

The speed and ease of access to see patient information

- Danielle W. Office Manager

texthelp reviews

Read & Write is an add on you can use with Chrome. It allows you to have whatever is on your screen read aloud or to have whatever you're dictating typed out for you.

- Jes S. Adult Basic Education/GED Instructor

I like read&write because it help improve your writing skills. This software is designed to help all even those with difficulties reading and writing.It will help those with learning disabilities as well. This soft wear reads to you and the big thing is that it has spell check as well.

- Lisa G. Research consultant

I like that it runs in the background to constantly help out those who are needing help. I also like that it has a bar at the top of the screen to fully show you the available options.

- Chloe' H. Graduate Research Assistant

Pros & cons

Hospice Tools

I am extremely comfortable with this operating system despite not having a great understanding of anything related to computers
Also they have great security measures to protect your account as well as customer service
Having been a user since its initial rollout, I appreciate how responsive the development team has been to user suggestions and growing needs
Anytime we have identified something we needed to change or "tweak" with in the system, they have done their best to ensure it happens
They care that the customer is happy and satisfied."
I am unable to give any negative feedback about this system as it performs exactly the way and what i use it for everyday
The only frustrations I have experienced are related to product development, such as document uploading failing because of a programming glitch
I have had trouble uploading pictures to a patient's chart (e.g
a photo of a patient's advanced directive) and usually have to sent to medical records team for them to upload it themselves
When encountering any problem or concern, they promptly worked with us to understand the inner workings of our agency to ensure the solution would rectify the obstacle we had identified."


Allows students to be successful in the classroom
Provides assistance to all learners
Allows teachers to see the full potential in all students work
Language translation to better assist ELL

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