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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Humi reviews

Humi's interface is very easy to navigate, and enterting time is an absolute breeze. The surveys, reminders, document storage and other functions are easily accessible, and this makes Humi a convenient one-stop program for all management needs.

- Brett S.

The first thing you notice when you get onto Humi is how clean the design is. Wow Wow Wow. Usually my employees have trouble navigating softwares, but with Humi, my employees have become very independent. They just launched the Humi Go App which allows them to request Time-Off, and see their balances on their phone. No more email exchanges or paper forms for this gal! It was hard to find a Canadian company that did everything I needed until I found Humi. Whether it was just storing employee data, running payroll, or even administering benefits, they handled it all. Its nice to have one point of source for all your internal employee needs. There is so much in the system its hard to get into everything but some of the best features are; the document center (where you can upload, edit and send out documents for signature, customized to each employee), onboarding (digitally on-board new hires to the company where they can sign contracts, fill out personal details, and access their own employee platform), and time-off (easily set up leave types and track leave for all employees). Their integrated Payroll is the icing on the cake. It really reduced the errors we had from transferring our changes to our old clunky payroll system (ADP). The buying process was very quick and simple. We had a couple demos to showcase the platform and then we had the pricing conversation. Price is per employee and on a month to month basis and they didn't charge us for implementation which was superb.

- Susan R.

My experience with Humi so far has been seamless and enjoyable. We’re a 20 person software startup in the process of doubling our headcount over the next 8 months, so we were looking for something easy to use, but with enough features to support us while we scale. It was important to us that our new employees be impressed with the onboarding flow, since this is their first impression of our company, and this was one of the things that impressed me about Humi the most. The experience for new employees onboarding to the Humi system (and our company) is very sleek. Overall the sales process was quick and easy - some other companies weren’t as efficient and didn’t get straight to the point. And the process of learning the software was easy - I was reassured that I would have a dedicated onboarding specialist, and they did reach out, but I opted to teach myself how to use the system instead. I was able to figure out basically everything on my own, and just had a few final questions for their team before launching the software internally. So far, the response of our existing team has been great. They’ve all started using it to request time off already, and we’re going to start to dabble with the performance and recruiting module very soon. I’ve likely only set up and configured 50% of the full depth of features that are in this product. Excited to explore more.

- Hugh K.

Beqom reviews

As an implementation partner i have worked on more than 20 or 30 projects on all compensation component possible. Sales incentive, bonus, base salary , benefits, etc.

- François B.

"most flexible Comp&Ben tool in compensation software" What do you like best about beqom? The way how beqom is tackling data integration and combining it with key processes in Comp&Ben using different profiles and company hierarchies is unique. The Report layer can satisfy most demanding managers including self service options. Highly recommended! Support for large enterprise organizations is very personal, I love it! Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about beqom? Not much to complain about - will be nice to have more self-learning materials. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering beqom: amazing tool which can be perfect bridge between Comp/Reward operations and excel complexity, and modern way how you can manage all compensation processes in one tool Review collected by and hosted on What problems is beqom solving and how is that benefiting you? Compensation Management in many areas from a security perspective to structurize software workflow, Long Term Incentives, Short Term Incentives and various of Bonuses types.

- Sebastian G.

"Great Compensation Management product " What do you like best about beqom? Above all beqom proved to be very flexible when it comes to customer needs. Also, the clients found the interface highly intuitive and user-friendly. Thanks to great people working at beqom it has been a pleasure to cooperate with the company as a partner. beqom cares not only about people with great technical skills, but also about good working atmosphere. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about beqom? Although having great innovative ideas, it happens occasionally that the resources within beqom are not able to handle every solution proposed so there is a room for improvement in this area. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is beqom solving and how is that benefiting you? What the customers appreciate is the fact that they no longer have to use multiple systems to manage Salary Review, Bonus, and LTI calculations, but they can use just one tool for all those processes.

- Adrian K.

Pros & cons


Has fairly good basic HRIS functionality
Easy to set up
Use with a good price point.

The documents are clunky
Hard to personalize them to each employee
Doesn't have a clock in/clock out system.


Budget Simulation
impact analysis of change ina compensation plan
scenario comparisonEnd user (functional user) administrationTotal compensation management (ability to manage all the processes in a single tool)

Territory Management
Mobile functionalities
The trade-off of increased flexibility means a longer implementation time and additional training for the system administrator.

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