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Icecream Ebook Reader

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Category: Screen Reader

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About Icecream Ebook Reader

On your computer, you may organize, save, and read e-books using the excellent program Icecream Ebook Reader. It supports books in popular e-book formats like EPUB, FB2, PDF, CBR, CBZ, and MOBI and provides you with the greatest reading experience. Your reading experience will be improved by using the Icecream Ebook Reader to organize your e-books into libraries. Books can be seen in Book Shelf or Table View modes, and you can check recently read books, favorites, and all books. You can also filter the books by format. By virtue of its unique qualities, the program facilitates comfortable reading.

Most popular feedback for Readwise

People like Readwise because the daily digest via email can be a useful addition to a morning routine, it's extremely useful for non-fiction readers with thousand of highlights, the easy way to organize your highlights, it can be extremely helpful to recall the things you learn.

Alice Camilla

About Readwise

Readwise makes it enjoyable & simple to revisit your favorite reading material from all of your preferred reading platforms in one location, assisting you in getting the most out of what you read. Get your highlights from Kindle, Apple Books, Instapaper, Pocket, Medium, Goodreads, and even physical books quickly synced. Then, using the app and daily emails, begin developing a daily review habit. You'll learn much more by going over your highlights each day, and you'll stop forgetting specifics from recently finished books at last! —- "Readwise is this year's best new service, in my opinion. Tweets can now be used to save highlights from Kindle and Instapaper. one of the top long-term learning resources I've found. — Caleb Hicks The most helpful technology for me in terms of enhancing my reading process, besides my Kindle, has been Readwise. — Blake Reichmann "Please sign up for Readwise if you use Kindle or Instapaper or just like saving and reading highlights. It will grow to be one of your most beloved services. —- USE YOUR HIGHLIGHTS IN REAL LIFE Although highlighting is beneficial, why bother if you won't ever see any of your highlights again? In order to make sure you'll really see and use your highlights, Readwise makes it simple to swiftly free all of your highlights into one location, including highlights from: • Kindle from Amazon • iBooks by Apple 2. Instapaper • Money • Middle • Read More • Tweet • Actual Books (using your phone camera) Manual Entry • Upload CSV DON'T FORGET WHAT YOU READ How frequently do you complete a book and then two weeks later forget the main points? Reading something just once doesn't help us recall it later. Utilizing the Active Recall and Spaced Repetition learning strategies, Readwise resolves this issue. Using a daily email and an app, Readwise resurfaces the pertinent highlights at the appropriate moments. Even better, Readwise allows you to create flashcards for your top highlights to improve retention. SEARCH, NOTE, TAG, AND ORGANIZE Readwise makes it possible for you to arrange and link these concepts in novel ways because all of your highlights are in one location. Use search to quickly locate a highlight, tags to categorize them in your library, and notes to annotate it yourself. HIGHLIGHT BOOKS IN PAPER Additionally, Readwise allows you to use the camera on your phone to capture highlights from your printed books and documents. Simply take a picture, use your finger to highlight, and have all of your favorite details saved. —- If you are not yet a Readwise subscriber, you can begin right away with a 30-day no-obligation free trial. You won't be charged until after the trial is over unless you decide to sign up for Readwise Full or Readwise Lite. Location may affect price. From your dashboard, manage your subscription.

Icecream Ebook Reader reviews

Looks great, but toppings aren't included

- Cat Ellis

Doesn't bookmark, doesn't keep highights, if you try to minimize or maximize the window it closes the program, and on and on with the problems. It is pure garbage. Use something - anything - else.

- Casey Bair

I purchased the Pro version and immediately noticed a severe bug that made the program very frustrating and difficult to use. I sent a message to Icecream about the issue, and they refuse to acknowledge it. Even after completely removing the software, they won't give you your money back. Icecream can make you a real happy camper.

- yrreti

Readwise reviews

It does its fundamental job, to collect clippings from phone to Readwise cloud, but it's painful. Pro: 1. adds webpage clippings to my collection, unified across multiple devices. 2. OCR for clippings from paper sources. Con: 1. Doesn't collect & separate html-tagged metadata (eg, web page title). 2. Disables keyboard (moves cursor to end after every keystroke). 3. Review of collection on phone is just a long list, can't sort/filter.

- Michael Cleary

Didn't appreciate that it got me to sign-up, add my highlights, and overall make me think that I was all done only to realize that it was only a 30-day trial and that I'll lose access unless I pay a monthly subscription. I bet it works at forcing people to just pay the 5 bucks/mo, but I just don't like that. I'm pretty sure it's because they know the price is steep for what you get, so they try to hide it. I just wanted to manage all my highlights in one place. Inflation is not that bad yet...

- Ruben Henriquez

It's an okay highlighter. I want to highlight as I read and for the app to get right out of my way while I do. I'm busy reading! With that in mind, I prefer the chrome extension's "quick highlight". It's not useful for me to have a note called "passages saved from Android" where everything dumps. I don't want to be forced to write a title every time to avoid that. I need to highlight even more quickly, and for it to use the page name by default. I love how simple this is but keep going.

- Dylan Kinnett

Pros & cons

Icecream Ebook Reader

Well designed interface
Able to import and export ebook libraries
Customizable viewing options
Many options restricted to paid version


Share images/screenshots directly to the Readwise app
Dark mode
Adds webpage clippings to collection, unified across multiple devices
Doesn't collect & separate html-tagged metadata
Disables keyboard
Review of collection on phone is just a long list, can't sort/filter.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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