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Icecream Video Editor

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Social Media, Communication, Educaiton


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Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media






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Icecream Video Editor reviews

stumbled upon this software purely by accident and was amazed how many features were packed into it! Its a free to use Windows software and it allows one to edit videos as well as photos! It is really suitable if you are making small videos for your social media platforms or just want to spend time playing around with it.

- Siam H. Research Assistant

Simple, obvious, fantastic bit of kit Fantastic- as something free there really aren't any arguements. It doesn't do anything badly- it just lacks some automated features that come as standard in more expensive competition.

- Paul M. I.T. & Telecoms Manager

I always seem to forget to change the format before saving. The default format is not a general one and is not readable by mainstream outlets (facebook/website/etc.) I know this is a user challenge and not really a criticism of the program. Just wish I could default the save to a general format instead of having to remember to notice a change is needed.

- Cindy P. Managing Owner

Wisecut reviews

I am dedicated to developing educational content, and it has always been difficult for me to make my videos look better or more professional (due to equipment and editing skills issues). After doing a series of tests, I was immediately convinced by its ease of use and good results, it will undoubtedly be a tool that I will use for all my videos.

- Alfredo G. Tutor

I didn't even know this AI video editing existed, but its one of those services that once you learn about it you realize you've needed it all along. Wisecut is easy to use, requires little interference on my part, and save a ton of time on editing.

- Dave A. Owner

Currently, you can't yet add text overlays - I hope that this will be implemented as a feature soon as well.

- Timo U. CEO

Pros & cons

Icecream Video Editor

VERY easy to use, and what it does- it does well Packed with a whole page of transitions, full editing suite with the usual trim/duplicate/crop
Tons of filters and colour correction options
Export choices including 4k Literally just drag n drop files into production Import a mass of file types Works without a blip on aging i5 laptop AND it's free- no brainer!

The pro feature is a bit overpriced in my humble opinion
I mean there are other products that offer more features for a similar priceNot as polished as very expensive competition Others products may have a simple task or one button automation that isn't present in Icecream, but easily done manually if you have time and patience.


The fact that all I have to do is drop my file in whether from my phone or laptop and it does everything at the click of a button is amazing
Very happy I discovered Wise cut, and happily recommend it for bloggers, tutorial makers, youtubers and more
I love that it makes editing so easy
I just upload the video and Wisecut does the rest
It's a great tool, it helps me to create an engaging video for my audience."

Take the work you would have to do manually cutting out all the fluff and extra stuff, and imagine handing it to a robot that makes it all simple and fast
Perhaps the same idea for how many jump cuts it perfroms
I use this product daily for the first round of cuts of all my videos
Unfortunately wisecut is not yet grammatically connected."

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