iContact vs Email List Validation

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Category: Email validation tool
Industries: Business, Communication, Marketing




Email List Validation

Category: Email validation tool
Industries: Business, Communication, Marketing



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iContact reviews

We've had to contact support a couple of times and they have been helpful. The level we purchased isn't a comprehensive marketing solution. But we came back to it after having trouble with ClickDimensions, it actually works better.

- Karen C. Consultant

we are keeping our church members informed. many are elderly and find our e-mails informative and easy to read.

- Maura K. Communications Cordinator

Intuitive software. It has helped me to personalize a lot my mails to send to my subscribers.

- Marta G. PPC Account Manager

Email List Validation reviews

The Email List Validation has an API in real-time email validation and that it's so cool. I can verify email all my leads in real-time as well. Now, I believe my email list is clean and always ready for the power email marketing. It saved a lot of money to send marketing email that always goes to the real emails.

- Cuong T. Assistant Project Officer

Email marketing and sales. it removed the bad emails from a clients marketing list so we could then let it through our delivery platform.

- Bakre O. Corp Member

Complex and high volume email avoid deliverability issues

- Goran P. Owner

Pros & cons


I liked being able to send out regular communications with our followers and interested parties
IContact is great for companies who need to send out mass emails to their guests and customers
It's fairly easy to learn and has a variety of different features to use
Good experience - will definitely stick with this platform
I love being able to schedule the publication date and time (with the time zone verification) and the feature that lets me see how the newsletter will appear on a PC and on a smart phone."

At the time I was using it I was not able to embed videos into the email campaigns which was frustrating
No one to speak with, low deliverability, inferior tech when compared to other competitors with the same price point
Pricing was primarily our main issue, it became costly when we only sent one email per month
Other email softwares charged by the email and number of recipients, iContact charged a subscription fee, so it made it more costly."q

Email List Validation

Easy to understand, you don´t need any technical knowledge to be able to use it
I had a great feedback from the Custom service support, and I was impressed by how fast they got back to me
Doing a periodical scan helps me prevent bounces and improve my deliverability rates
I also recommend it to my clients who want to start email marketing to start fresh with a clean list
There i used many kind of software to verify email, But Email list Validation is the best
Because the new feature, Easily use and comfort for all of my user
Good with Analytics skills, nice to work with compared to other software."

However it is as good as any other out there
The problem with validation is that if it is being used to reduce bounces it only works for such things a syntax errors, known spam traps and bad domains
Email marketing and sales
It removed the bad emails from a clients marketing list so we could then let it through our delivery platform
Some of the error codes need to be more consistent
Since I capture multiple emails from different sources, I have no control over my full lists."

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