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Critical Mention

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Most popular feedback for IFTTT

I'm Jared, a nonprofit consultant, and I would give IFTTT a five out of five stars. For more reviews like this, click the link below. Before IFTTT, or If This Then That, I would try using different shortcuts in different applications like in my Gmail account, in Apple Notes, and in different Apple products. I would try to create different workarounds or triggers using other tools like that. But I didn't really find another tool like If This Then That until it came along that could really allow other apps to communicate between each other in a way that was super simple and quick to set up and worked across platforms. I initially chose it because it was free and super simple to sign up and start playing with the tool and seeing different ways that I could set up integrations and what they call recipes. It's a way for an app to sync or communicate with another app. The main reason was just how I'd heard from other friends how easy it was to set up and use, and there aren't really limits in terms of so many syncs that can happen. There's other tools out there that they may charge for the number of triggers or recipes. But with If This Then That, for what I needed, I could stick with the free version, and it's been able to do everything that I've needed. Yeah, the setup process was super simple. I was up and running with it in minutes, really. You create your free account. Like I said, you didn't have to put billing info on file or anything like that. I mean, they do have a pro version that you can upgrade to if you need to, but I got signed up within a matter of minutes. And then they have recipes that other users have already put together for you, so I could just search for what I was wanting to do. Usually, there was already something that someone else had set up, so I could just use their same recipe. And then I just added in my own details to it to customize it a bit, but I didn't really have to create it from scratch. So that was super simple and really quick. Yeah, it's just been a great tool. Yeah, for anyone else that's considering it, go ahead and sign up. It's free. You can test it out. You'll get up and running really quick. If you're looking for more of an advanced integration between platforms or apps, If This Then That is designed to be pretty simple. There is a tool called Zapier as well. Zapier, you can get a little bit more customized with what fields you want to sync data between different platforms or apps. So depending on how robust your needs are, If This Then That might be a better option for you. But if you're just looking for something more for... I've mostly used it just for me personally as a way to stay organized and streamline my workflows and just my email and my reminders and different to-do lists that I have, and then different things on social media. It's been a great tool to use for doing all of that. And again, it's free and super quick to set up.

Jarred D.


IFTTT allows you to do more with over 700 different apps and services, including Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Fitbit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. On IFTTT, we call these services. A list of all services on IFTTT can be found here We bring services together into Applets, automations that allow you to do things your apps and devices can't do on their own. For example, you could use IFTTT to sync Amazon Alexa to-dos with your Google Calendar or create events in your iPhone Calendar via Google Assistant IFTTT is short for 'If This Then That', and is pronounced like 'Gift' without the 'G'. We used to be called 'if this, then that' because Applets would have one trigger and one action. If this happens — then that happens.

Most popular feedback for Critical Mention

We've used other monitoring services before and they were clunky and hard for the clients to read and understand. Critical Mention makes obtaining clips so easy and the monthly reports look spectacular...we can add our agency logo and send it off to the client showing them coverage and value.

Barb H.

About Critical Mention

Critical Mention is a cloud-based, real-time monitoring and database service for tracking of TV, radio, online news, podcasts, print sources and social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. PR, marketing and communications professionals use this global media intelligence platform to better understand their earned media values and create customized, shareable reports. Critical Mention users also have access to 24/7/365 support through a dedicated account manager.

IFTTT reviews

Couldn’t be happier.

- Kristina C.

It is been amazing and know that we have it set up I hope it does not go away. We depend on it every day.

- Gregg T.

They have also done an amazing job of making it accessible to setup up, easy for just about anyone to understand.

- Kate J.

Critical Mention reviews

I like the fact that I can have multiple searches set up, get multiple updates during the day, as well as having immediate alerts set up. This has helped me get on top of breaking news that has saved me from being surprised.

- Tom M. Director Of Communications (and Media Relations)

Our experience with Critical Mention has been favorable, but with the onslaught of new and updated competitors, transitioning to a new provider is not off the table.

- Scott M. Vice President

Our agency went viral - literally viral around the world - due to our ability to quickly share detailed metrics during several media outlet interviews. The data is easy to pull, and the reports are customizable for client needs.

- Stacy J. CEO

Pros & cons


Easy to use
Clever idea and well-executed
Flexible and has many to offer
Sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn't work
Having issues with some services.The actions are quite limited compare to alternatives.

Critical Mention

I like how I can see, edit through word play, and then save and download video clips
I also like that I can save clips/articles/etc
Well-priced media monitoring software with a few flaws, but superb customer service
The search function allows me to find the latest news in my field before most other people, and this also allows me to make social media posts that get good traction
Great for a lot of things, awesome for social media."
I wish I could figure out or have a way to block from seeing multiple postings of the same article
It's bothersome to see multiples of the same thing in my feed each day
Sometimes Critical Mention inexplicably misses published stories, so we always need to manually cross-reference reports."

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