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Most popular feedback for IFTTT

I'm Jared, a nonprofit consultant, and I would give IFTTT a five out of five stars. For more reviews like this, click the link below. Before IFTTT, or If This Then That, I would try using different shortcuts in different applications like in my Gmail account, in Apple Notes, and in different Apple products. I would try to create different workarounds or triggers using other tools like that. But I didn't really find another tool like If This Then That until it came along that could really allow other apps to communicate between each other in a way that was super simple and quick to set up and worked across platforms. I initially chose it because it was free and super simple to sign up and start playing with the tool and seeing different ways that I could set up integrations and what they call recipes. It's a way for an app to sync or communicate with another app. The main reason was just how I'd heard from other friends how easy it was to set up and use, and there aren't really limits in terms of so many syncs that can happen. There's other tools out there that they may charge for the number of triggers or recipes. But with If This Then That, for what I needed, I could stick with the free version, and it's been able to do everything that I've needed. Yeah, the setup process was super simple. I was up and running with it in minutes, really. You create your free account. Like I said, you didn't have to put billing info on file or anything like that. I mean, they do have a pro version that you can upgrade to if you need to, but I got signed up within a matter of minutes. And then they have recipes that other users have already put together for you, so I could just search for what I was wanting to do. Usually, there was already something that someone else had set up, so I could just use their same recipe. And then I just added in my own details to it to customize it a bit, but I didn't really have to create it from scratch. So that was super simple and really quick. Yeah, it's just been a great tool. Yeah, for anyone else that's considering it, go ahead and sign up. It's free. You can test it out. You'll get up and running really quick. If you're looking for more of an advanced integration between platforms or apps, If This Then That is designed to be pretty simple. There is a tool called Zapier as well. Zapier, you can get a little bit more customized with what fields you want to sync data between different platforms or apps. So depending on how robust your needs are, If This Then That might be a better option for you. But if you're just looking for something more for... I've mostly used it just for me personally as a way to stay organized and streamline my workflows and just my email and my reminders and different to-do lists that I have, and then different things on social media. It's been a great tool to use for doing all of that. And again, it's free and super quick to set up.

Jarred D.


IFTTT allows you to do more with over 700 different apps and services, including Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Fitbit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. On IFTTT, we call these services. A list of all services on IFTTT can be found here We bring services together into Applets, automations that allow you to do things your apps and devices can't do on their own. For example, you could use IFTTT to sync Amazon Alexa to-dos with your Google Calendar or create events in your iPhone Calendar via Google Assistant IFTTT is short for 'If This Then That', and is pronounced like 'Gift' without the 'G'. We used to be called 'if this, then that' because Applets would have one trigger and one action. If this happens — then that happens.

Most popular feedback for Remarkety

Huge improvement in ROI from email marketing since we switched to Remarkety

Andrew C

About Remarkety

Remarkety is best suited for eCommerce SMBs that want to take their email & SMS Marketing strategy to the next level and market-based on shopping behavior data and purchase history. The only Email & SMS marketing service that was built from the ground up for eCommerce. Remarkety is a multi-channel marketing automation service that integrates with all major eCommerce platforms with a one-click installation.

IFTTT reviews

Couldn’t be happier.

- Kristina C.

It is been amazing and know that we have it set up I hope it does not go away. We depend on it every day.

- Gregg T.

They have also done an amazing job of making it accessible to setup up, easy for just about anyone to understand.

- Kate J.

Remarkety reviews

So easy to use to set up automations! I had been paying way to much for ActiveCampaign, which was WAY more sophisticated than I was ready for. As such, I had minimal automations set up and felt like I had no help from them to do so. I switched and it was night and day. I am a very small business and this software fits great for us at this size. If I had a dedicated email team, this would still be a great software to use as they would spend less time designing email and more time optimizing it.

- Sarah P. CMO

The editor Automation In-app recommendations The way segmentations is configured Integrations between software Assigned representative to handhold the integrations and the setup Customer Service is second to none Sped up my ability to Email Market Feature Request do not fall on deaf ears! Nikita Dhillon is an amazing representative to work with.

- John E. Digital Marketing and Design Associate

I would love for it to double as a CRM. They are so close, just need a few more features and they are a CRM.

- Tal M. CEO

Pros & cons


Easy to use
Clever idea and well-executed
Flexible and has many to offer
Sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn't work
Having issues with some services.The actions are quite limited compare to alternatives.


It's great how customizable everything is and how we can see how effective our automation are
Great Software - A few improvements to perfection
We also like to see the consumer profile for more historical data, and to look into behavior patterns to find our best practices
We also find great success with the automations
The measurements utilized for detailing are incredibly useful and promptly accessible."
Support is bad in this area
In the year we have used the program we still have not been able to do newsletters and have bad support in this area
Compared to other alternatives, continual improvements/features seem to be limited
The preview section isn't always accurate
Not being able to make my own sections is annoying
This is an ongoing problem that began after Remarkety did recent upgrades and now we encounter it daily."

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