Inkforall Plagiarism Checker – MOSS vs Noplag

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Inkforall Plagiarism Checker – MOSS

Category: Plagiarism Checker
Industries: Students, Educators, Content Creator, Businesses


Ink Free: Free

Ink Pro: $29/month

Ink Pro Unlimited: $82/month


Category: Plagiarism Checker
Industries: Writers, Students, Educators, Companies, Website owners


Starter - $10/month

Premium - $15/month

20M+ Downloads

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Inkforall Plagiarism Checker – MOSS reviews

I've used a lot of different types of SEO software, but INK is by far my favourite. Even their free version far surpasses the other SEO software I have used in the past. If you ever have even a minor problem, their team are on hand to help and respond to queries within seconds. I've been writing SEO content for a few years now, but INK's software is easy to use so I imagine it would be just as good for novices as it is for professionals.

- Eleanor B.

The actionable and clearly phrased recommendations to improve the content I'm working on.

- Levente S.

I like the rephrasing feature the best, it really helped me find a new way to say what I wanted to say.

- Yuliya M.

Noplag reviews

To say that I like this tool is a very small phrase for how much I love this great option of having the necessary help to contribute in the search of getting people, especially the students who are training as professionals, to make their own compositions and totally original works, understanding the importance of having own ideas and respecting the copyright of others.

- Rachel T. F. Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship

I like the effective way to detect when there is a plagiarized document, I like its user interface because it is very easy to understand and customize, and I like it because I help my research team, to recognize who was stealing the ideas of other engineers, the support is excellent they answered my doubts at an early time.

- Elizabeth L. Project manager

I like it because noplag has everything I was looking for, one of those characteristics is that it is simple and its configuration simple, and allows me to attach several documents in different programs, to verify its validity and originality of the author, my services were contracted by a institution of studies, since many investigations seemed to have many coincidences, and Noplag helped me find those plagiarism errors in several research projects, in a very short period of time.

- Janet Anna T. Finance Analyst

Pros & cons

Inkforall Plagiarism Checker – MOSS

Intuitive User InterfaceMOSS Plagiarism Checker Online has an intuitive user interface that provides results in the blink of an eye.It is a well-designed tool that assures instant results and saves the necessary documents and the time required to check the plagiarism.2
Compatibility of various languagesMOSS plagiarism checker can analyze code written in different coding languages
Such as C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Pascal, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, Haskell, HCL2, Verilog, Scheme, Pascal, Modula2, Ada, etc.3
Settings Menu and Qualifier ToolsMOSS offers Settings Menu and Qualifier Tools that benefit programming students when they use it to check their codes for plagiarism.The Settings menu includes options such as a switch to the pasted text, auto-revert, and text history
These settings are combinations of helpful features that students can use to save time.

log in process was buggy2
Lacks writer cues on keyword topics 3
Doesn't currently support Markdown formatting


Gives detailed report
Provides links to the websites where similarities were detected
Fast result
Check grammar and spelling

Free version not available

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