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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


Employee Engagement

Inspire meaningful conversations

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Performance Enablement

Empower employee performance

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Strategic HR

Take HR from admin to strategy

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Category: Performance Management Tool
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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intelliHR reviews

From the start when looking for a package and speaking to their sales team and directors through to meeting with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] who is our Implementation Manager. The support she has given us has been amazing and extremely positive and rewarding. They have helped us get where we needed to and more. The business now has a one stop shop that is streamlined for all of our HR needs.

- Olga D.

The customer service I have received in all of my dealings with intelliHR have been nothing short of amazing. Whether it's a scheduled quarterly catch up or request for assistance - the team have been great to deal with, friendly, helpful and professional. I really like that the system is continuing to grow and has new features added regularly. It's been exciting to see features that we have enquired about or suggested then coming in to fruition at a late point. Working with a software/company that doesn't just say "No, we can't do that" and instead says "Let's look in to that for you" is such an awesome experience! intelliHR will always look for your "Why" to ascertain what it is exactly that you are trying to achieve - and to see how they can help you achieve it.

- Bronte M.

My experience with intelliHR has been very, very good. The implementation went extremely well and the responsiveness from intelliHR is second to none. I have been involved with other software implementations in the past, and intelliHR certainly surpassed my previous experiences. I love the fact that intelliHR listen to their clients, if you have feedback or suggestions, they act upon these. In the time we have been using intelliHR there have been a number of improvements that have been implemented, that just mean the software is even better. The introduction of the software has allowed me to be more responsive to the wider teams needs and provide them a significant amount of support that I just wasn't able to do in the past. This is largely as a result of the flow of feedback I can capture in the software. We are really starting to use the goal functionality the way it should be and I expect to see better engagement around goals from the team in the future.

- Nichola B.

myStaffingPro reviews

Overall, I would recommend MSP to small/medium sized businesses as a good basic system. Realizing that upgrades and new features are added as developed.

- Corinna B.

We have been a customer of myStaffingPro for many years and have seen many changes, as they have with us. Through it all there has never been an issue or interruption of the excellent service they have provided us. At one point due to new leadership in my organization, we went to RFP on a new ATS provider, and myStaffingPro won hands down. Self admittedly, we are a tough customer, always changing, looking for "out of the box" solutions and ideas and MSP has always been there and brought us through it successfully!

- Tim T.

I like the solution. It is a good value for the money. Although it is not as robust as may other solutions, it does support me and my team as we need. We are a relatively small business. We probably hire about 25-30 people/yr, so the solution is fine. If my volume were substantially larger and I had to manage many more candidates I would likely need to upgrade to a higher level from HR Services. Then I would need to maintain candidate status in a much easier format.

- Ann Marie G.

Pros & cons


The onboarding process is excellent and the inputting of information, is easy as during implementation, the staff at intelliHR helped in the design of our forms and everything flows perfectly
We were able to let intelliHR direct us to how some of our processes could look and go from there
Overall its been a super positive experience with zero stress
IntelliHR sticks to what it knows and does it super well
It also means that the updates to the platform are happening all the time and features are actually getting constantly improved."

No Recruitment module and or LMS module and was something I was wanting
That there isn't an option to show leave balances and apply for leave through the software (that isn't a manual process), linked through to our Payroll system
Changing the set parameters around the graphics and charts - although this could just be my lack of indepth training in this aspect of intellihr."


I enjoy working with myStaffingPro
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide feedback
All sales candidates for example
It is mobile friendly, and communicates with all Paychex products including payroll to cut down on manual entry
I love the ease of being able to navigate through the software with ease."

However, this has posed problems especially with candidates emailing their resumes in pdf format or dropping off hard copies of their resumes
Also, when I candidate goes back into their application, it looks like all of the uploaded job information is missing, so they ultimately end up redoing it all, which frustrates them
Unless you buy the sourcing module the reports are worthless
There are some tasks that can't be done without asking MSP to do them for us."

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