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Category: Automation Software Tools

Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Avo Assure

Category: Automation Software Tools

Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Most popular feedback for Intercom

We can capitalize on visitor intent with Intercom. In our first 3 months, Intercom accounted for 80% of inbound inside sales revenue.

Jesus Requena

About Intercom

Intercom is the Engagement OS, an open channel between customer and business that is in the product, in the moment, and on their terms. We break down silos, unifying data and systems to create an ongoing dialogue, so companies can make the most of every opportunity.

Most popular feedback for Avo Assure

The most striking feature of Avo Assure is that it is a scriptless tool. The user doesn't need to have any programming skills to get started with Avo Assure. If you have the logic in mind, then you can very easily automate applications using Avo Assure when compared to other automation tools. The Mindmap feature helps you look at the flow in a visual format and assists in better planning, monitoring, and coverage. The in-built task assignment and TC review features are also one the unique features of this tool. IRIS or image recognition makes this tool stand out from the competitors. My team has used this tool for cross-browser testing, cross-platform automation (Mainframe and Web) and received very good feedback.

Shiv K.

About Avo Assure

vo Assure is a state-of-the-art test automation solution that is highly intelligent and technology agnostic. It offers over 90% automation coverage without writing a single line of code. With Avo Assure, you can test across multiple platforms like web, mobile, desktop, ERP applications, mainframes, and more by autogenerating test cases. These capabilities empower testing teams and business users to do more in less time and deliver high-quality software. Key Features: 1. Create and execute test cases without writing a single line of code because Avo Assure is a 100% no-code test automation solution. The intuitive and easy-to-use UI further makes automated testing more effortless than ever. 2. The solution works seamlessly across heterogeneous applications. Execute test cases for the web, windows, mobile platforms (Android and IOS), non-UI (web services, batch jobs), ERPs, Mainframe systems, and associated emulators through one solution. 3. With a single click of a button, enable accessibility testing for your applications. It supports WCAG standards, Section 508, and ARIA. 4. Avo Assure is certified for integration with SAP S4/HANA and SAP NetWeaver. It offers an SAP test Accelerator pack, specifically designed for SAP – power-packed with 100's of pre-built test cases that decrease testing time and effort. 5. Quickly visualize your entire testing hierarchy, define test plans, and design test cases through the Mindmaps feature. 6. Avo Assure seamlessly integrates with SDLC and continuous integration systems like Jira, ALM, TFS, Jenkins, and QTest. It also integrates thoroughly with our process discovery solution, Avo Discover. This enables you to test the documented processes with a no-code approach. Avo Assure can be hosted on Linux as well. 7. To ensure you don't fall short of infrastructure to run your test cases, Avo Assure offers integration with Sauce Labs. 8. Execute multiple scenarios in a single VM independently or in parallel through the Smart Scheduling and Execution feature. 9. Get a video of the test execution and a screenshot of each step through intelligent reporting. Business benefits: • Together, the no-code approach and heterogeneous capabilities help you achieve over 90% automation coverage and enable continuous testing. • Compared to manual testing, Avo Assure allows you to test applications 85% faster. • Some of our customers have reduced the defects into production to as low as 2% with Avo Assure. • You can deliver applications 3x faster and be 2x more productive since all the software testing efforts are reduced to a few button clicks. • The SAP Accelerator package's pre-built test cases reduce SAP testing time by over 75%. Migrations to ECC and S4/HANA are also made easy with at least 50% effort saving.

Intercom reviews

“Announcing new features through Intercom is the most effective way our users become aware of what we're building.”

- Veena Gupta

"Intercom is a great Customer Support tool" What do you like best about Intercom? Intercom's new inbox is great and we have seen a huge increase in our support team's speed by using it. The platform is overall easy to use and integrates well with our tech stack. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Intercom? Based on the above we wanted to take advantage of one of their higher tiers. Frankly speaking, working with their Sales team has been a real pain and detractor. They firstly want to try and use Intercom for the whole sales cycle which is not great, and conversations that would take 5 minutes if you just hopped on a call, drag out for days. We are also migrating over to an EU bucket from their current US bucket, and again their Sales team has not been especially helpful in addressing specific areas of concern around this. Migrations have a number of different areas to consider and you can feel that the Sales team just want to "get the deal done." It has made us second guess our entire upgrade.

- Ian M.

"The benchmark of all chats." What do you like best about Intercom? Intercom is by far the leader in live chat software, from its capabilities and reach to its versatility via extensions, you can do so much with it and when your users interact with it, the experience is immediately familiar to them, which makes it feel simple and reliable. With added HIPAA compliance, you can do so much for your medical practice, we've included it in our mobile app and website and patients love using it. I would say that it's worth every penny. People are famliar with Intercom's experience so they will trust in your brand!

- Chris L.

Avo Assure reviews

Avo Assure is a a great Automation tool using which both desktop and web-based applications can easily be Automated. Click and Add, create an object, and Iris methods are used for object identification. Generic Keywords decrease scripting time. Reports generated by the tool help us to analyse the test results.

- Narayana K.

"This enterprise software testing tool is so far the best tool in terms of performance and quality. This tool has enhanced the process and user effort in an easy way. It can be easily used in large-scale applications and generate effective results. Since its interface is very user-friendly, it is the best to fit a lot of different industry types." One of the best features of the Avo Assure tool is that it helps to manage the test data very efficiently. Most of the time, Test teams struggle with the data. But with Avo, it had been an effortless task to increase productivity. It also supports Hybrid Automation with such ease.

- Vijay M.

The tool is keyword-driven. If you have logic in mind, it is easy to convert it to script using a vast collection of easy-to-understand keywords.

- Shweta M.

Pros & cons


Easy to create customer journeys/sequences
In product tours
In product tool tips
Customer support could be betterwish posts looked less like pop ups
the interface is difficult to use at first

Avo Assure

The tool is keyword-driven
Easy to use
Easy to manage with recovery and integration features.
Report size is big and it will be difficult for debug
Updating an existing mind map is difficult
A short basic training requires for understanding the tool features.

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