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Category: Automation Software Tools

Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Category: Automation Software Tools

Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Most popular feedback for Intercom

We can capitalize on visitor intent with Intercom. In our first 3 months, Intercom accounted for 80% of inbound inside sales revenue.

Jesus Requena

About Intercom

Intercom is the Engagement OS, an open channel between customer and business that is in the product, in the moment, and on their terms. We break down silos, unifying data and systems to create an ongoing dialogue, so companies can make the most of every opportunity.

Most popular feedback for Flowfinity

Flowfinity is an exceptional solution for the modern agile business. What do you like best about Flowfinity? Flowfinity gives business analysts in any organization the ability to build incredibly powerful, user-friendly, integrated workflow applications for mobile and desktop users in a no-code platform. The overall framework allows business users to continually and easily update applications to meet evolving business requirements, ensures that all users are using the most current version of every application (even in a disconnected mobile state), and provides robust security and integration capabilities. Flowfinity is an exceptional tool to build guided user-friendly applications to act a front-end to other existing enterprise applications, or build a comprehensive stand-alone enterprise platform comprised of as many integrated applications as necessary. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Flowfinity? The ability to customize the screen layout on mobile/desktop applications, is somewhat limited from an aesthetic perspective; but, this limitation really has no substantial impact on the ability to build very intuitive guided user interfaces. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering Flowfinity: Sign up for a free demo, discuss your business needs with the Flowfinity team, and participate in a free online training session for a basic overview of platform capabilities. In my personal experience, Flowfinity is absolutely unrivaled in customer support, responsiveness, and demonstrated willingness to incorporate customer feedback into functional enhancements and the overall product road map. If you dig in, you will find that Flowfinity has an almost limitless ability for business analysts and front-line operations personnel to take control of their own organizations, and develop apps that can be game-changers with little to no IT support. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Flowfinity solving and how is that benefiting you? We use Flowfinity to support an extremely wide variety of business processes from field service guided applications with complex branching logic, guided call center applications, construction field inspections, laboratory process bench-sheets and tests, administrative workflows, management of contracts/workflows with third party business partners, internal QC/QC processes, etc. Uses continue to expand as business users in various business lines see the possibilities to take control of their own process improvements, and manage changing requirements without specifying changes for traditional coding through IT. These capabilities have accelerated change exponentially - increasing efficiency, decreasing operational costs, and engaging operational users at all levels of the organization. Since standard Flowfinity licensing provides the ability to develop unlimited apps at the same cost, the more the platform is used, the greater value to the organization.

Michael P.

About Flowfinity

Flowfinity is a no-code platform used to create, automate, and integrate custom business processes applications fast. For over 20 years, Flowfinity has empowered IT and business professionals to build flexible, scalable data collection apps and workflows without committing the resources required to write and maintain code. Our intuitive platform combines a web-based app editor, SQL database, advanced mobile data collection, interactive dashboards, process automations, and reliable integrations.

Intercom reviews

“Announcing new features through Intercom is the most effective way our users become aware of what we're building.”

- Veena Gupta

"Intercom is a great Customer Support tool" What do you like best about Intercom? Intercom's new inbox is great and we have seen a huge increase in our support team's speed by using it. The platform is overall easy to use and integrates well with our tech stack. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Intercom? Based on the above we wanted to take advantage of one of their higher tiers. Frankly speaking, working with their Sales team has been a real pain and detractor. They firstly want to try and use Intercom for the whole sales cycle which is not great, and conversations that would take 5 minutes if you just hopped on a call, drag out for days. We are also migrating over to an EU bucket from their current US bucket, and again their Sales team has not been especially helpful in addressing specific areas of concern around this. Migrations have a number of different areas to consider and you can feel that the Sales team just want to "get the deal done." It has made us second guess our entire upgrade.

- Ian M.

"The benchmark of all chats." What do you like best about Intercom? Intercom is by far the leader in live chat software, from its capabilities and reach to its versatility via extensions, you can do so much with it and when your users interact with it, the experience is immediately familiar to them, which makes it feel simple and reliable. With added HIPAA compliance, you can do so much for your medical practice, we've included it in our mobile app and website and patients love using it. I would say that it's worth every penny. People are famliar with Intercom's experience so they will trust in your brand!

- Chris L.

Flowfinity reviews

Flowfinity has drastically reduced our paperwork and allowed us to have a live view of activities across several sites showing the status of jobs and issues found. Also the custom coding developed has reduced the amount of time engineers spend writing reports and given them more time to carry out site work. We use the system to satisfy FGas obligations in the UK HVAC industry and it works extremely well.

- Jonathan P.

We are using FlowFinity to do several different things. It is our main data capture tool. Our fleet of trucks and drivers enter all delivery and pickup metrics in it on a continual basis. We use it to schedule our work orders and ensure all goods are picked up and delivered. We also use the system to gather general information throughout our business.

- Elliot S.

Data collection from the field is easy and it is able to be audited to suit our clients' needs.

- Steve C.

Pros & cons


Easy to create customer journeys/sequences
In product tours
In product tool tips
Customer support could be betterwish posts looked less like pop ups
the interface is difficult to use at first


Great team who has worked closely with us to help achieve our needs over the years
To highlight safety specifically, the Safety portal alone is worth all we've done to customize Flowfinity for our group - and it came well after the initial design
Flowfinity solved our numerous field service challenges with ease and great service."
We have been utilizing this application for all of our sales agents in field to write the business online or offline with daily updates on data they need for sales and marketing
Sometimes this can be painful as the application can't be modified for weeks
No individual component is particularly confusing, but there are many different workflows and processes involved if you want to be able to get the most out of the platform."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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