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ITM Platform

Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Productivity, Marketing, Business


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Category: Project Management Tool

Industries: Marketing, Productivity, Business


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Most popular feedback for ITM Platform

After a thorough and complete analysis of solutions, we opted for ITM Platform, the implementation was quick and simple. We are very happy with the operation as it is stable and we are constantly being given new functionality. Its integration architecture is very intelligent and simple, we have practically been able to integrate the rest of our solutions with ITM Platform.

Fernando T.

About ITM Platform

ITM Platform is the only Project Management software that can be deployed within two weeks, aligning your portfolio to the business strategy. Team members will learn how to use the fully-featured project and work management tools within a day, providing portfolio managers with access to the metrics that matter.

Most popular feedback for Kumullus

We work a lot with independent providers around the world (graphics, writing, UX, marketing, etc.). Kumullus is used to communicate information, training, onboarding to these people. After testing several different formats, as well as other authoring tools, I found that Kumullus was by far the best value for money and gave us better results than other approaches.

Euthmane M.

About Kumullus

Kumullus is an EdTech startup allowing you to create interactive, adaptive and monitored video & audio experiences to increase the engagement of your learners! On the Kumullus authoring tool you can: - Create modules from your PowerPoint or animation materials - Structure your videos by chapter - Add interactivity directly to the videos (50 activities available) - Export in SCORM on LMS (desktop & mobile), or publish on your networks - Create branching scenarios very easily

ITM Platform reviews

I have experience with many of the PPM solutions out there (Clarity, Daptiv, Planview etc) and ITM Platform allowed us to have the whole organization performing at 100%, in a very short time, with all the benefits a serious PPM solution must deliver.

- Zoe B. Digital Transformation Director

Our customer experience was a bit disjointed and delayed, however I understand this is being or has been addressed.

- Michael S. PMO Manager

My project managers are used to MS Project desktop version. ITM Platform has all the features, but the fact that it is web based, makes it a bit harder to break the initial resistance.

- Zoe B. CIO

Kumullus reviews

Our field teams only have a short time and the Kumullus solution makes it possible to create impactful and short educational contributions. For designers, it is also a big time saver compared to other more complex solutions.

- Joanna D. Digital training manager

Getting started is quick and very simple, new Yes functions are deployed frequently and customer service is attentive to its users

- Nicholas K. Pedagogical director

The update to the graphic charter was difficult (but I think partly because of us) In addition, we had requested adjustments in the monitoring tables to better manage the commitment => the automation of these tables took a little longer than expected but in the end it's nickel.

- Daetane D. Marketing Manager

Pros & cons

ITM Platform

It was the one that I liked the most and the managers too, so we started the free trial and it is awesome how this program shows the reality of the department
There is a great deal that is customizable in the views and has ability for custom fields
Unlike other solutions, ITM Platform delivers all the functionality to manage programs, portfolios, projects and services
And they do both, as well as having a comfortable distribution, power and a really good answer."
The managers where looking for a solution to the inestability and disorder of the design department, so they wanted to start controlling the worked hours of the members of the design team
There's no option to import Project files, mostly for Gantt charts
The search tool is not very trustworthy
There is a lot of 'click' fatigue
You cannot assign one member multiple tasks at once
The agile module is very weak, lack of many functionalities
Task use is very embarrasing."


Ease of use
Power of the tool for creating branching scenarios
The interactive video modality particularly interesting educationally and disruptive compared to what is usually done
Getting started is quick and very simple
new Yes functions are deployed frequently and customer service is attentive to its users
the timings of the appearance of interactions are sometimes a little complicated to stall depending on the video but nothing insurmountable
Statistical monitoring should be improved to allow a more detailed analysis of learner paths

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