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Category: Writing Tool

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Category: Writing Tool

Industries: Writer, Blogger, Freelancers, Content professionals, Owners of Agencies, Copywriters, Authors, Local Entrepreneurs, SEO Professionals, Marketers


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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

Sir Richard Branson

Most popular feedback for Jamboard

We regularly use Jamboard for our real-time jam sessions, throwing ideas on topics we are researching.

Jean F. Queralt

About Jamboard

Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that is included in G Suite that provides a high-quality collaboration experience for groups as well as classrooms. Feel free to let your imagination run wild as you construct a Jam, make changes to it on the go, and then share it with other people. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Jam at any time and in any location. You can use your smartphone or tablet to either join an existing Jam on a nearby board or start a new Jam if your place of business or school uses Jamboard gear. * Bring your thoughts to life by drawing them using a variety of pens and colors. * Collaborate in real time with other people who are also using the same Jam you are using by sharing it with them. * Include post-it notes when coming up with ideas as a group. * Inserting photos and stickers into your Jams will help bring them to life. * Documents can be annotated collaboratively by importing drive files from G Suite. * Use the laser pointer tool to bring attention to certain objects. Notice Regarding Permissions The camera takes pictures that may then be inserted into jams. Contacts: Tell the individuals on your contact list about your favorite jams. Jamboards can be found in the surrounding area. You can look at the photos and data that are stored on your device.

About ShortlyAI

The artificial intelligence writing assistant known as ShortlyAI is powered by GPT-3. It makes it easier for content creators to produce blogs, social media posts, video scripts, ad text, and a wide variety of other types of marketing material in a shorter amount of time. Although it was not the first artificially intelligent writer, ShortlyAI is now considered to be among the best AI content writing software. In a nutshell, artificial intelligence (AI) makes use of other forms of intelligence to determine what it is you want and then writes it down for you. Because there are no limits placed on the amount of content that can be generated by ShortlyAI, it is an excellent choice for the generation of articles! You can use this artificial intelligence program, which is based on the GPT-3 algorithm (as are the majority of AIs), to help you write any kind of content. The primary goal of the vast majority of AI writing assistants is to provide users with a faster writing experience so that they can direct their attention to other aspects of their businesses. It is possible to use ShortlyAI both on its own and in conjunction with other word processors, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You also do not need to be concerned about the originality of the content because the AI technology that was used to create it is completely free of any instances of plagiarism. Shortly, which has since been acquired by Conversion.ai, is a writing assistant that is powered by artificial intelligence. It was designed specifically for writers, freelance writers, and content professionals in order to assist them in overcoming writer's block. You can achieve writing superpowers with the assistance of the Shortly AI writing companion, allowing you to produce outstanding works while maintaining a high level of ease and comfort. Simply pressing a button on Shortly's interface will assist you in getting your ideas down on paper and doing much more besides. This tool, which is powered by artificial intelligence, can continue writing for you in order to turn your ideas into a text that is fully developed. Whether you're writing the next best-selling novel or a blog post for your website, the cutting-edge AI in Shortly helps you turn your ideas into well-written paragraphs so that you can communicate them more effectively. When you need a creative brainstorming buddy or want to extend and develop a concept in an environment free of distractions, Shortly is the place to go. Users of Shortly have access to a set of commands that can help them improve their writing, which in turn assists in the formation of flawless phrases. In addition to this, you can use instructions to immediately rewrite your phrases, making them shorter or longer as necessary.

Jamboard reviews

You don't have to have a team or not even one other person to use this App to get the results you want it of it!! It's so easy to use and understand but it's almost a bit too simple, in the sense that it doesn't have very many options for the fonts, colors, or thickness of how the color goes on.. but I can definitely doodle my heart out and ends up with some pretty good graphic design ideas for my new freelance biz ventures... So, thank you for creating this free App!! 5⭐'s

- Samantha Windham

It's almost great. I particularly like that you can have an ongoing session that participants can access at any time after you have logged out. HOWEVER it sucks that there's basically only 2 tools to write with (just a pen and pencil) and there's no changing the size of the tip, also, only 5 colors available (white doesn't count). Handwriting recognition is ok, but not great. Once the novelty wears off it's more of a nuisance.

- Nattasha Campos

This is an amazing app but it has one big flaw. You can't costomize the background or have something you draw up and want it to stay as the background or draw on top of it, it won't work. Another nice thing would be if you could edit the shapes more. At least on the iPad it won't let me change the boarder size or fill color. I would pay for that, it would change my life as a teacher! Also if I could make it portrait style to create worksheets:)

- Mariah Estrada

Pros & cons


Jamboard integrates well with G Suite
Default settings are not always the best
Customizations are not enough
Embedding external sources is not possible


Minimalist interface
There isn’t a limit to the amount of writing you can do
The writing process is interactive
The Refine Commands feature allows you to alter the content further
A free trial is available
Only understands English (Jasper AI, for example, is multilingual)
The ShortlyAI free trial only offers 300 words (unlike Jasper AI, where you get 10,000 words for free)
ShortlyAI pricing is a bit steep for most writers
No live chat assistance and no contact form
No Chrome extension
There are no writing tone features
You’ll find grammatical errors in the generated content
Output requires extensive editing.

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Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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