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Category: File Sharing Tool
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JSCAPE reviews

I can set it up and forget about it. It is so stable that I forget it's even running. In the past these file transfers were handled with CRON jobs and scripts. Sometimes they would work, sometimes not. With JSCAPE they work EVERYTIME!

- Jerry S. Automation Workflow Architect

Overall good experience. For the most part, it has been set it and forget it with no issues.

- Mike T. Systems Engineer

We are using it to provide file transfer services for different business domains, totaling around accounts. The business domains run on different TCP ports, and each is administer as self-service, by their respective owners. Some settings are managed by us (central admins), some by the domain owners.

- Bogdan E. Senior System Engineer

NetExplorer reviews

Its gives full traceability of all my files and data that shared or sent for signature to my clients and team members.

- Gurmeet S. Search Engine Optimization Analyst

NetExplorer is a tool with both security and information systems managers for managing and operating all the documents intended for representing staff in a multi-HR, multi-institution, multi-site and multi-user framework.

- Sahara K. Material Developer in English Language

The signup process of NetExplorer is quite awesome, straightforward, and user-friendly as they also offer a free trial of 14 days to try out their premium features without having to add a card on file. Also, right before the signup, they assign a sub-domain which is a kind of dedicated space where our files and documents are stored. Also, sharing and accessing files is super convenient with this dedicated cloud storage and sharing solution.

- Radhika K. Sales Executive

Pros & cons


Very good experience with it, thrilled for some of the features
Positive experience over all
The support is absolutely fabulous
Using the Managed File Transfer is so easy users don't even see they are using such a powerful service
I also like the persistent attempts to successful sync after failure
The managed file transfer server has been of great service where we needed a solution to transfer data from a local systems in a secure way."

It doesn't scale well when resizing the console window
Regex matching does not adhere to standards which makes writing it very hard
Both of those reasons make it so that we cannot set up a deployment pipeline for jscape
Connection errors, server errors are cryptic
But the ugliest is that we've a DB which is now above 6GB, and the only answer I get is "try this" with instructions to stop, and wait potentianny for hours before the maintenance is done."


Additionally, activities may be sped up while sensitive data are kept safe, thanks to a user-friendly layout that works well across all platforms
NetExplorer is perhaps the most significant and helpful e-sign app for me because of its SSL security, eIDAS compliance, and collaborative capabilities."

It's a pain to input even the most basic information, and when I need to make a change later on, there's no mechanism to go about it
Being forced to start over for data or input altering is inconvenient and should be easy enough to do it."

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