Kidspiration Maps vs Inspiration Maps VPP

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Kidspiration Maps

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Education


USD 9.99

The full version of the Kidspiration Maps app can be purchased for $14.99

Inspiration Maps VPP

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Education


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Most popular feedback for Kidspiration Maps

This app is an excellent teaching tool. It offers many different ways to create a visual map for any content. Users can choose their own text box shapes and pictures, change the font, size and color for text as well as change the color and line thickness of text boxes. There is a recording option that allows the user to add audio clips to text and pictures. Once a diagram is created, then it can be changed to an outline view where more information can be added. The Super Grouper box allows users to sort objects (pictures/text boxes) which is a great skill for early elementary students. There are even ready-made templates within the app for Reading/Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Math. There are so many great features that make this app a must have for all types of learners! The possibilities for creating and learning are endless!

Jennifer H.

About Kidspiration Maps

On the iPad, Kidspiration® Maps supports elementary school students in developing excellent reading, writing, and thinking skills. Utilize the app's integrated, vibrant, cross-curricular activities to encourage children producing and learning on the iPad. Alternately, students can start from scratch and use the more than 1,500 built-in symbol visuals to unleash their creativity on a blank sheet.

Most popular feedback for Inspiration Maps VPP

A pale imitation of the MacOS version The basis of Inspiration goes back to the 80’s. This organization has come nowhere remotely close to what this app WAS much less should be. Features that were common before this company acquired this application were: Being able to arrange items in layers. (move to back) Grouping and Ungrouping Features needed: a way to create vector shapes bring in vector art The “clip art” in the galleries is also right out of the 80’s There has been no upgrade in the last 5 months This app had the greatest promise of being the standard for mind mapping and they have really dropped the ball.


About Inspiration Maps VPP

An intuitive visual thinking and learning tool for your iPad, iPhone, and Mac is called Inspiration Maps for iOS and Macs. Create stunning outlines, graphic organizers, and diagrams with ease! Never before has organizing been so easy. When you buy 20 or more copies of Inspiration Maps VPP, you can get a 50% discount through Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Education. Welcome to Inspiration 10 and Inspiration Maps, two straightforward yet effective tools for visual thinking that make it simple to create concept maps, mind maps, diagrams, graphic organizers, outlines, and presentations! The use of Inspiration 10 and Inspiration Maps helps users succeed academically and professionally by fostering creativity, fostering critical thinking, and removing obstacles to planning, sharing ideas, and learning.

Kidspiration Maps reviews

Kidspiration Maps (as well as Inspiration Maps) is a highly versatile assistive technology app that follows the constructs of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). My students can use it to write a well-organized essay, organize information from a textbook chapter, and create interactive electronic study guides. The built-in images and the iPad’s touch screen and Speak Selection feature combine to make it a multisensory tool that benefits all students. User’s of Inspiration’s desktop software will find the apps familiar and easy to use; many of my students prefer to create their diagrams with the apps because they like to manipulate the objects on the touch screen. Kidspiration / Inspiration Maps are awesome learning tools!

- Jamie Martin

Inspiration Maps VPP reviews

The only thing I wish it had would be some way to group the many maps that I’ve made into folders! There are numerous different categories of maps one can make to illustrate interconnected thoughts and relationships through this app. I would recommend any student and teachers alike to utilize this as a visual learning tool to freely connect the flow of ideas associated with leaning. An absolutely fantastic app for visual learners, brainstorming, and academics.

- Sheep-stalker , 11/29/2021

Excellent app. Needs just one good thing... I love this app. It is simple to use and has a ton of features that make this appropriate for all types of users. The one thing I wish you could do is modify your lines. The automatic lines are good for small projects but as the project the lines start to like like spaghetti. I'd love to be able to customize them. Otherwise I'm super stoked about this app.

- Lil pinterland , 05/19/2021

Suggestion The backgrounds are limited.. It only lacks the ability to add backgrounds to the page from the studio or from another site..

- Lbih212 , 10/21/2021

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