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Kissmetrics reviews

"The most effective way to research your company's marketing" What do you like best about Kissmetrics? I like being able to monitor my company's marketing by conducting a geographic study of consumer behavior concerning services, including which services are the most viewed, which are the best sellers, and what people's criteria are for these things. Kissmetrics is significantly better than competitors in terms of quality, and I like that I can quickly analyze the data and use it to identify important information in statistical distribution frequencies. Kissmetrics has an amazing user interface that makes everything simple to visualize. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Kissmetrics? One thing I don't like is that they charge extra for simple services, lack qualified support staff to handle all customer inquiries, and sometimes take a long time to respond to requests for information. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Kissmetrics solving and how is that benefiting you? The main objective of Kissmetrics in the company is to promote the examination of data in volume before making any decision. It has involved statistical data with qualified management levels. The result of all its development is seen in intelligence as it modifies management procedures. I use it to research my company's monthly and annual Internet revenue, best-selling services and customer reviews to improve the quality of my offerings. Since I started using this platform, my sales have increased dramatically.

- Keyla A.

"Indispensable for Larger Organizations" What do you like best about Kissmetrics? If you're selling three or four items a month, Kissmetrics may not be for you. However, if you are the owner of a midsized business (wth a solid IT department!) this is an excellent solution that should cover most of your needs. All of that aside, I like Kissmetric's personal touch. You're seeing people doing things, not just numbers (as opposed to Google analytics). Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Kissmetrics? Kissmetrics is not a walk in the park to set up. If you are not tech-savvy or have a dedicated staff member with IT skills, please reconsider your decision. It's a not tool, but I'm not sure I would hire a new employee just to install and maintain it. My colleagues have told me it has some limitations when it comes to aggregated data. It served our purpose, in any case. Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering Kissmetrics: Carve out a decent chunk of time to configure Kissmetrics. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Kissmetrics solving and how is that benefiting you? I was consulting for a supplement store. Our primary objective was to identify bottlenecks to our conversion rates (because many customers, if they encounter a technical issue, will not bother to contact the webmaster). We were able to figure out which types of customers were the most likely to complete their purchase and which were not (as well as why).

- Adam A.

The UX are significant within the platform, one thing I love about Kissmetrics is that it is not only designed to report on the numbers but pretty much everything. It is easy to set up dashboards and understand the customer journey and user behaviour.

- Ahmed J.

Ubeya reviews

We have saved money by having to the minute hours reported through the App. We have also improved upon ensuring staff coverage for our facility- Staff is able to communicate with each other or the Managers via the app if they are unable to fulfill their shift and thereafter find a replacement prior to the shift start. It's a great tool for any size business and a great value compared to the hardwire systems available on the market today.

- Jay G.

I searched for so many softwares that would do what I needed for my company. Majority of them were way overpriced. Ubeya was the closest software I could find to checking off majority of the boxes in my list. I have figured out ways to work around some of the things i needed in the app - primarily, I book multi day events without specific shift times, and wish their was an option to just book workers for multi days without needing to create a new shift per day. I love the customer support whenever I have a question. I love that the rate is included into the amount of workers used in a month. I love the chat/feed feature where you can send messages and ask questions to your workers - I just wish they could also respond with questions or answers directly on that feed if they have any. I would love a way to adjust the fields in the event to fields that work for me. You are able to do this in the worker profile to adjust fields, but not for the events. There are many fields in the event booking that I do not utilize and my workaround has been to just type in all my additional details in the notes section Overall, ubeya is meeting my needs for now. There is definitely room for improvement to make it the perfect staffing software, but for the price and budget in my small business, I'm looking for ways to using this for the first time this year. I've been very happy.

- Courtney O.

Their customer service is great. They are very responsive and always eager to help. The admin software has made our lives so much easier. The staff side just needs some tweaking and a more robust messaging feature needs to be rolled out.

- Brian P

Pros & cons


Breaks down data
Provides personalized reports
Allows for A/B testing

The interface isn't always easy to use
It's expensive to upgrade your plan
Some on our team wanted better data visualization.


Overall, we are pleased with how simply it has made staffing for our business
We are excited to continue helping to refine the app
Ubeya completely streamlined our staffing process
Checking staff availability and assigning them to work shifts is so easy
Ubeya has saved us so much time in staffing which allows me to focus on more creative aspects of my job, which in turn has helped us be more successful."

Initial set up was difficult, but the folks @ Ubeya helped us quickly every time we needed it
Can't create multi-day events without creating a new shift per day
My bookings are for full weekend availability so I don't even need the shift feature -biggest complaint with the software for me )
UI for staff is a bit confusing (i.e
clocking out for break vs out of the shift)
The messaging feature is still not refined so we have to use another program for the time being."

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