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Kotobee Author

Category: eLearning Tool
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Category: eLearning Tool
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Kotobee Author reviews

Overall, so far it is a great solution for my company's goals.

- Law C. CEO

Overall, Kotobee Author is an interactive ebook appropriate for my blended class specifically for reference use as well. It only needs to be downloaded so that means offline access is possible with fewer exceptions if you have URL links embedded.

- Amor B. Teacher

The software could have built in application so that it will be easier to navigate and create materials most especially for teachers.

- Maria Joana P. Teacher

Classtime reviews

What I like most about Classtime is that I can see in real-time how each student is learning. I can see if I need to explain a specific concept or If everyone is on the same page.

- Gary A. Lecturer

I love how students are able to work individually toward an assessment and simultaneously toward a classroom goal. I especially love the "challenge" feature and how it integrates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

- Michelle L.

I have quite a lot of quizzes in Moodle, and manual transfer of each question to Classtime is very time-consuming, and not always possible due to different implementation of question types.

- Oksana P. teacher

Pros & cons

Kotobee Author

I should say I am very pleased with the overall experience
The interactive e-books can be shared with your students and can make evaluation of their progress very easy
Good and like it, Let's increase the challenge to be able to promote Kotobee
Over all I love and I enjoy using it
Its very helpful especially now, most of the schooling type is through online
I like the features and functionalities of the said software and I like the designing of the page of the ebook whether it is fixed or reflowable."

Customization options for user interface are nearly none
Learning curve can be, in beginning, slightly problematic
The fact that the drag n drop feature does not support you comparing two or more pictures together
The only problem I encountered with kotobee author is that some of its feature need internet connection for you to add some content and the problem is I got a poor internet connection
Initially frustrating (when I first shifted from iBooks Author) but now I am settling in and producing books routinely."


Collaborative challenges and puzzles are fun, which encourages social and emotional learning
And if you are interested - then, accordingly, useful and modern
Instant feedback helps my students to improve
My favourite feature is the ability to create a lot of different types of tasks for my students, it makes using this software existing and never boring
It was fine considering that it was a free trial
I would need more time to determine if it's worth it."

There's not much I can list here
I've never been bothered by any particular limitation of this app
Create drag and drop tasks with images
Fill in the missing words (without offering a solution!)
In comparison to the many other tools that are at the teachers/district disposal this item isn't the easiest to use
No tutorial in french related to the different types of questions."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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