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Kotobee Author

Category: eLearning Tool
Industries: Education, Marketing, Business


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$150.00 one-time

isEazy Author

Category: eLearning Tool
Industries: Education, Marketing, Business




2 Users Per Month



1 Users Per Month

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Kotobee Author reviews

Overall, so far it is a great solution for my company's goals.

- Law C. CEO

Overall, Kotobee Author is an interactive ebook appropriate for my blended class specifically for reference use as well. It only needs to be downloaded so that means offline access is possible with fewer exceptions if you have URL links embedded.

- Amor B. Teacher

The software could have built in application so that it will be easier to navigate and create materials most especially for teachers.

- Maria Joana P. Teacher

isEazy Author reviews

isEazy provides a reliable way of creating content that adds real value to my training, especially when I target a younger audience. I can tell they enjoy the content and it’s much easier for them to learn. Now, my content adapts to any device and allows them to train anywhere, which wasn’t as easy with other authoring tools.

- Celia G. Partner & Business Development

I had some reservations at first because I didn't have any technical or programming know-how... but the way the contents are organized into folders and sections and the ease of editing were a pleasant surprise. I thought it would be more complicated to start creating e-learning content


At first, since I was kind of novice creating content, it’d have been great to have more examples already created. You can see a few beforehand, but giving all the options the tool offers, it’s useful to be able to see content that’s already done.

- Silvia H. Project manager

Pros & cons

Kotobee Author

I should say I am very pleased with the overall experience
The interactive e-books can be shared with your students and can make evaluation of their progress very easy
Good and like it, Let's increase the challenge to be able to promote Kotobee
Over all I love and I enjoy using it
Its very helpful especially now, most of the schooling type is through online
I like the features and functionalities of the said software and I like the designing of the page of the ebook whether it is fixed or reflowable."

Customization options for user interface are nearly none
Learning curve can be, in beginning, slightly problematic
The fact that the drag n drop feature does not support you comparing two or more pictures together
The only problem I encountered with kotobee author is that some of its feature need internet connection for you to add some content and the problem is I got a poor internet connection
Initially frustrating (when I first shifted from iBooks Author) but now I am settling in and producing books routinely."

isEazy Author

Anyone with minimum IT knowledge can create beautiful content
You can work with your team at the same time
Before, this process of adapting templates and elements took me a great deal of time
This templated eLearning authoring software makes lesson development seamless and fun
It hast impacted the most in the routines of our employees
We believe it's so positive to offer them the chance to train whenever they feel like."

I don't have many bad things to say, but to mention something, what was most difficult was getting the hang of the linked scenes
Major functions are missing with the inbetween priced SW which is a bit misleading
Basically you need the full fledged software
But limited for definition chapters, limited for intersections etc
so we are forced to keep an second tool
There is no "going back" function ..
so in case you did erase something, you have to build it up anew
Sometimes the clicking in a field for changing information/text is not functioning well."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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