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Kotobee Author

Category: eLearning Tool
Industries: Education, Marketing, Business


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$150.00 one-time


Category: eLearning Tool
Industries: Education, Business


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$0.01 one-time

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Sir Richard Branson

Kotobee Author reviews

Overall, so far it is a great solution for my company's goals.

- Law C. CEO

Overall, Kotobee Author is an interactive ebook appropriate for my blended class specifically for reference use as well. It only needs to be downloaded so that means offline access is possible with fewer exceptions if you have URL links embedded.

- Amor B. Teacher

The software could have built in application so that it will be easier to navigate and create materials most especially for teachers.

- Maria Joana P. Teacher

Training-Online reviews

I've been able to train many many associates over the years using LMS, so overall it's a useful tool for me.

- Anna B. Assistant manager of customer service

Overall this helps me save a lot of time by not having to keep track of individual completion and scores. Also I don't have to depend on supervisors to track their teams compliance and scores. I can easily generate completion reports and turn them into graphs gathering different types of trends.

- Claudia F. trainer

I wish there was a way that I could speed up the lectures. Sometimes I feel like I could finish the material more quickly if the lesson moved at a faster pace - or at least gave me the option to do it.

- Elizangela P. Banker

Pros & cons

Kotobee Author

I should say I am very pleased with the overall experience
The interactive e-books can be shared with your students and can make evaluation of their progress very easy
Good and like it, Let's increase the challenge to be able to promote Kotobee
Over all I love and I enjoy using it
Its very helpful especially now, most of the schooling type is through online
I like the features and functionalities of the said software and I like the designing of the page of the ebook whether it is fixed or reflowable."

Customization options for user interface are nearly none
Learning curve can be, in beginning, slightly problematic
The fact that the drag n drop feature does not support you comparing two or more pictures together
The only problem I encountered with kotobee author is that some of its feature need internet connection for you to add some content and the problem is I got a poor internet connection
Initially frustrating (when I first shifted from iBooks Author) but now I am settling in and producing books routinely."


It is easier for me to gather completion reports and provide visibility to my ops team
Also very helpful when we have new employees, just assign them the training modules they need
I like that trainings are saved for you to come back and refresh your memory when needed
You can access your previous trainings and check results on completed assessments or training completions
What I like the most is that we can easily track completion of our training material
It has been a great tool since we do not have to create hand made reports or use sign off sheets like we used to
Very easy to go back and retest section by section, and as you progress you can feel you have gained so much knowledge and before you know it you are ready for the final."

Frankly, the only thing I resented was having to update some information every class session, but that's on the school, not LMS
At times it can be a bit difficult enrolling to lessons, sometimes there are glitches which stop you from enrolling."

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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