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Most popular feedback for LaTeX

Writing scientific texts with latex is easy and totally recommended. Latex offers its main power when you need to write formulas because you can include any symbol. Thus, you can write complex equations easily. You only need patience. The general aspect of a text written with Latex seems more professional than the result from using other products. Besides, reading a text made with Latex is more comfortable. One of the main advantages of latex is the community behind it. If you find any problem, you can google the error and you will find several solutions to your problem. Finally, you can export from Latex to other formats like pdf, ps, HTML, and so on. Latex is not WYSIWYG. This makes it a little bit hard to write texts. Sometimes, the help for specific commands is incomplete and difficult to find. Finally, sometimes you need to include some effect or special feature, available in Latex, but it is difficult. Latex does not include grammar or spell checking. If you want it, you need to install a good tool for using Latex. The better the tool, the easier it to write texts. In fact, I recommend using Latex with a tool instead of using a plain text editor.

Alvaro R.

About LaTeX

Free and dependable, LaTeX is one of the most popular academic writing tools, and it is also one of the most widely used. We have gone as far as developing a LaTex tutorial, in which we help you with the fundamentals of programming, which is required in order to make use of this. If you haven't begun writing your research paper yet, you have some time to learn LaTex, and you want to learn one of the absolute classic writing tools, then you should use LaTex. The LaTeX typesetting system is of the highest caliber; it contains features that were developed specifically for the production of technical and scientific documentation. The communication and publication of scientific documents are almost always done with LaTeX, making it the de facto standard. You can download a free version of the LaTeX software. LaTeX is not a typesetting program in and of itself; rather, it is document preparation software that runs on top of Donald E. Knuth's TeX typesetting system. LaTeX was created by Donald E. Knuth.

Most popular feedback for Mark Copy

I’ve just tested Mark for one of the article I need to write and I must admit that I am really amazed by its quality and relevance! Of course, it isn’t perfect (and fortunately otherwise we wouldn’t have a job anymore ) but honeslty, the end result is really great ! I am now writing all my articles with Mark!

Camille Dufossez

About Mark Copy

In a nutshell, Mark Copy AI is a copywriting assistant that speeds up the writing process by a factor of three, is friendly to search engine optimization, and contributes to the scaling of a business on a large scale. It receives high marks for the user-friendliness of its interface, as well as for the pricing, benefits, and design of its products (which are said to be updated on a weekly basis), and for the mission of the company itself. Mark Copy will work closely with you and the other members of your team to produce flawless marketing copy. He will provide you with new ideas, different perspectives, and even recommendations regarding SEO so that you never run out of ideas. Work together with your team and Mark to produce faster writing that is of a higher quality and more original. Mark Copy AI is a tool that numerous SaaS companies use to make their lead generation activities as simple and straightforward as possible. It has a number of features and built-in qualities that make it an excellent assistant for new and developing companies. The Writing assistant tool that Mark offers has a straightforward user interface that makes it possible for you to modify and improve the text of your Copy in a straightforward manner that does not involve a number of separate steps. When a company is developing its content with the intention of marketing itself, the most essential component is for the content to be search engine friendly and to be kept search engine optimized. Your content will be optimized by Mark Copy AI to be search engine optimized (SEO) friendly and rank highly on the majority of search engines. Mark Copy AI offers a variety of templates that will make the process of writing much simpler for you. Mark Copy offers an excellent feature for facilitating collaboration among members of a team. There has never been a time when it has been simpler to organize your work, keep your team informed, and increase productivity. It is possible to collaborate with your coworkers in the creation of folders and the organization of documents. You can use tones to your advantage whether you're trying to engage an intelligent audience or you want the tone of your content to be authoritative, conversational, informative, or creative. Your content's tonality can be helped along by tones, which enables you to provide a more personalized experience for your audience. When you upload content, you need to differentiate yourself from everyone else who does so on a daily basis. The tool for detecting instances of plagiarism helps scan documents to determine how authentic your content is and how well it differentiates itself from that of others. The following is a list of the monthly pricing plans for Mark Copy AI: 1. Starter (€49/month), this price is for people and groups who are beginning to write content where you can get 20k words in the starter pack; 2. Basic (€99/month), this price is for people and groups who are beginning to write content; 3. 2. Scale (99 Euros per month), the scale price is for expanding groups that are looking to increase their content production, and with this pricing, you can have access to 50,000 words; 3. Growth (€149/month), the Growth price is for experienced teams that are looking to perform in large quantities, and it includes access to 100k words. There is also an annual plan, in which you will receive a free subscription of two months' duration.

LaTeX reviews

I would like to declare that I am writing this review from the perspective of someone who does not have extensive coding experience. LaTeX has been a fantastic package to use. I would suggest its formatting as its best feature. Formatting in LaTeX goes hand in hand with its magnitude of customizability. It is very different than "What you see is what you get" editors. Instead, it is a "What you make is what you get" software package. To every detail of a document, you have virtually unlimited control for the appearance of your document. Margins are easy to figure out and the document that you create will look better than any document you have created using other editors.

- User in Non-Profit Organization Management

To start with, LaTeX is a software tool that helps to write books, letters, reports, and articles using codes and through my experiences with Latex, the best point is " you learn a new language that includes code" also it is a feature that separate math and physic people from biology and other areas of study. In addition, it expands your knowledge and leads you to explore new things such as finding the solution of a problem in two ways rather than one.

- Judi H. Translator

I like the fact that latex makes it very easy to write mathematics-related things. To be honest, Latex has been a great tool for my day-to-day work like software documentation, software design, and stuff. I would recommend the product to others as well. The documents i create with Latex are more informative and easy to understand than other documents. I have not found anything that is dislikable. Almost all the features have been pretty useful for me. So there is nothing at the moment that I dislike about this great tool. I would give 10/10 to the tool with my current experience with it.

- janaka s. Software Engineer

Mark Copy reviews

Usually it takes me 2 or 3 days to write a blog article. With Mark Copy I do it under an hour !”

- Sandra Stone

As someone that writes copy on a daily basis and knows how time consuming and draining it can be, this product is a lifesaver. Sometimes my brain just isnt operating at full capacity and with marks suggestions and automated understanding of what im writing, it helps to get copy finished.

- Michael Connolly

According to information on the site it stated clearly that it support multiple languages. “ Want to scale in other languages ? Say no more, Mark is available in multiple languages so you can generate high-quality copy worldwide.” - Quote from their website In reality, the support was for English and French. I also have a hard time to see any real benefit with Mark Copy compared to many other GPT-3 content generators. The generated copy was on par with what to expect. A nice UI and UX, but too expensive and lacking features that other offers.

- Anders Ericsson

Pros & cons


LaTeX is free to use, which helps students on tight academic budgets
The ability to create your own bibliography using Latex’s site function saves time for you and your librarian
Creates a technical barrier for researchers who know how to use LaTex and those who don’t
It takes some time to learn how to use Latex and can take a few hours or even months for beginner writers
Certain word processing programs such as MS Word cannot be used with LaTex

Mark Copy

Free trial
Simple to use interface
Various tools are available
Extensive Tutorials
SEO optimization
Support multiple languages
Poor customer service
No free plan

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