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Category: Learning Management System
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LatitudeLearning reviews

I like this platform because I can enter and train whenever I want and it is very easy to use

- America b. Physiotherapist

The software is very easy to use and understand. not having much of a tech background, I was still able to design the system based on our needs. The users manual is very helpful.

- Laura B. Education Manager

I was looking for a way to run an online school. I did not find what I needed and would not recommend this website based on my experience.

- Steven A. Teacher

itslearning reviews

It almost never works at school and worked sometimes at home. It wasn't very stable and did have as many great features as blackboard.

- Kayla K. Student

Itslearning is a great complement to my teaching environment within the classroom and is a gateway for e-learning when class is not in session. Creating lessons and assessments from home has never been easier. Students have access to me and to the learning material both at school and away.

- Mindy S. Language Arts Teacher

From my location, itslearning can sometimes be really slow. I think it is because the nearest server for us is congested or does not have enough bandwidth. If this was resolved, it would be great.

- Mindy S.

Pros & cons


I am so pleased with Latitude that I have referred colleagues and clients
If you need a robust, comprehensive and reliable learning management system, Look No Further Than Latitude
You are excellent for providing the opportunity, to keep it up and to keep evaluating your own achievement through getting feedback
I like the support articles and the webinars are a great asset to the LMS
We do plan to utilize the features more
Moreover, the ability to create online assessment alongside distractor randomisation is one of the best things i admire about it."

That is until 3 days before Christmas 2014 when one of my clients informed me that there was a major problem with my portal
All of the extensive customization we had brought to our portal was gone
Can not customise at all, the lack of customisation kills it the most
I can't think of anything that I dislike about the software for the value
The new format should have transferred the old trainings and added the new options to develop trainings
I no longer use this system at all."


I like the Google integration with my drive, which allows me to send a document to students and their edits will be saved in a folder for me to assess
Itslearning is a great complement to my teaching environment within the classroom and is a gateway for e-learning when class is not in session
Itslearning is so convenient to use that it gives me back the time that I need to be creative and enjoy the other aspects of my day
The number one positive thing about this product is the ability to stay in contact with parents."

I don't like that the testing mode doesn't work on Chromebooks, allowing my students to open other tabs and Google test answers while taking a test
School WiFi always caused problems with itslearning
The program needs to be updated
When I am sick, I have to watch ItsLearning to catch up on the work I would have missed on regular school days."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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