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Category: Email validation tool
Industries: Business, Communication, Marketing


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Category: Email validation tool
Industries: Business, Communication, Marketing


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lemlist reviews

Very easy and straightforward to use. Easy to track how a campaign is doing and viewing/replying to email replies is easy as well.

- Noah M. Customer Advocate Manager

The use of personalized images in email outreach enables you to catch the attention when doing cold outreach. Next to this the platform also enables personalized landing pages and other interesting features.

- Jessie D. Founder

Lemlist is a great tool for your email marketing campaigns as it has a very friendly interface. The review before sending option is great for people who would like to add a super special personalization to their message.

- Rithesh K. CEO

Proofy reviews

So easy to use, everyone on my team has been using it for a few weeks and I literally had nothing to explain beforehand. + they have free checks that you can do as a free trial so you make sure that it is the tool you wanted/needed

- Luana B. project lead

Even organically procured lists have several bounceable emails, Proofy helped us and our client's clean email lists for a fraction of most of their competitor's rates.


what I like about this app is its interface which is easy to understand. The cool thing is that the results of the verification usually return 3 categories, this isn't provided by the other app.

- Martin T. Specialized Web Design for Home Renovation and Home Repair Companies

Pros & cons


I love all of the features that allow you to customize pictures and videos for the customers
Epic idea and great execution
I've been very impressed with Lemlist and the team behind it
It's an excellent tool that just keeps getting better and better
The statistics for lemwarm and many others make it very easy to keep your inbox happy and healthy
Lemlist is getting better with each new update
It's a powerful tool that makes it easy to stay in front of your prospects."

The only thing about this software which was not to rate five stars was the design (UI)
Used light-grey and white elements were sometimes hard to find
The fee for their basic version is now $49/person, not $29
Poor customer service - However, I've had several experiences with the customer service that were not ideal
Poor customer service, UI clunky and unintuitive
Poor UI - A lot of the features are clunky and have to be figured out on your own."


It perfectly validates the entire email list no matter how big the email list is
The things that I liked the most is its easiness to use
You can verify the email addresses and clean your email lists effortlessly
Amazing experience using Proofy email verification service
Very soomth, fast and reliable software
It's really useful to get verified emails at good accuracy."

When emails are undeliverable we can not send it again and stop delivery
There is only drawback is it has no Wordpress plugin available, maybe it will come near future
Ve tried many services, most of which have done half the job, while some have been too costly for our business model before we find Proofy.io
With Proofy I can finally verify emails and block spammers and people intentionally lowering my sendgrid reputation."

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