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List Notes

Category: Speech Recognition
Industries: Writers, Students, Educators



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Xenom Speech to Text

Category: Speech Recognition
Industries: Writers, Students, Educators



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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

List Notes reviews

This app does work on Kindle Fire but you need to search Google for the voice search apk file. One of the other reviews mentions the exact file name. As to this app it's fun but needs work. Someone else already gave a good overview so I'll just say that the most glaring flaw is the apps ability to understand you. It will often put the wrong word if you say something too fast or not clear enough. If you don't continue talking after a certain amount of time it stops recording even if you're not done. Mainly though it's like auto correct but it's listening to you talk instead of type. I think someone who speaks with a heavy accent would find this app hard to use. Although it's really fun to speak fake words and gibberish and see what real words it chooses. It can only put real words. It won't put exactly what you say. So if you start talking about Harry Potter and use some of those unique words from those books and movies it won't be able to. It will put what real words match most closely by how it sounds.

- Jason Morelli

I downloaded this app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and it works great! All I needed was a simple app to take notes quicker than I could by jotting them down on paper, and it does precisely that. I really like that you can color code your notes, as well as the fact that you can edit them by switching back and forth between voice and text with ease. The only downfall I have seen is that it does not use punctuation properly, or at all rather. If you're looking to record something and then later copy/paste it to another source, it will definitely require proofreading. But, I was not in need of anything fancy with multiple options, so, this suits my needs almost perfectly.

- Kristi Tange

Usefull app to dictate and transcribe to text. Not completely accurate but just a bit better than the transcription software in Windows Seven on my laptop . Program has bells and whistles to save transcripts in different folders and color code them. You can also type memos. The pro version does not seem to have any additional useful features. My complaint is that you must have wifi active to run the transcription. Program is useful for my wife to learn to pronounce English words properly.

- Ignacio

Xenom Speech to Text reviews

Good application and I have a feature request. It would be really nice if there was a closed caption mode so I could put the phone down and have the last sentence I spoke displayed in really large characters and then erased after a certain amount of time has passed. Then we could use our phones as subtitlers for talking to people who cannot hear well. That would be totally awesome! But still a very good application all around

- osirisgothra

A good app with a few spelling glitches but the thing i had found very annoying was that what i was saying which was being turned into text had gone out of the screen which i had to keep constantly flicking up on my smartphone screen as of for that just said speech to text wording to be on my screen for me to read it too and of for my to see on that i was still recording for me. Otherwise that that i like it.

- Jamie Harrad

Responsiveness and accuracy are good, but not suitable for meetings without there being a silent mode option. If there was a visible indicator for active dictation mode instead of a bell, then the app would be much more versatile.

- Adrian Muir

Pros & cons

List Notes

Fun and interactive
Useful for dictation

Not completely accurate
The pro version does not seem to have any additional useful features
Needs wifi to run transcription

Xenom Speech to Text

Instant dictations
Offline Support
Customise font size

No closed caption mode
Not accurate receiver
Contains a few spelling glitches

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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