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Category: Project Management Tool
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LucaNet reviews

It is very easy to adapt Lucanet to your individual needs. It is possible to use the Software itself or implement it very easyily in Excel. Advanced Excel users but also beginners can use the Excell-AdIn easily.

- Veronika K. Senior Group Controller

Lucanet helps us to consolidate data of many different companies with different accounting systems and different data quality. It makes it a lot easier for us to evaluate and analyze data and to export it to Excel in a consistent form

- Rebecca L. Group Controller

Out of the box functionality, modern look and feel

- Tobias L. Partner

Cerebro reviews

Cerebro is the end-to-end solution for our animation design process which we could customize in line with our needs and fitted perfectly to our internal project management process.

- Mayank G. CEO, Founder

It was a positive experience learning about a program that is widely used in the film industry. It is efficient in terms of working from home to communicate and work with others dispute distance

- Jean N. Graphic design

Studio package's price which is $29 per user per month is quite expensive and it should support scheduled server updates which is crucial for cloud applications.

- Natasha L. Art & Creative Director

Pros & cons


I like the wide range of service providers that can help with the implementation and the consulting team at Lucanet was very helpful
My overall experience with Lucanet is very good
I strongly suggest this tool to companies with multiple legal entities
Good Overview at consolidation over all entities
Lucanet is very easy to understand
The performance and interaction with the existing accounting programm is very good."

The operation is not similar to other software/difficult to learn
Managing Tasks i.e
missing to restart a group together
Problems with the historic Data, leading to unlear entries
The drilldown very often shows too many accounting transactions which makes analysis sometimes difficult
The implementation for consolidation was not easy and you need to input Information twice, making everything more difficult."


The great thing about this product is that you don't need to know anything or have experience
Therefore, everyone can use and benefit from this product
It includes everything we need and accelerates our business process and enables us to achieve positive results and gains
It is excellent to have project timeline, task time tracking capability
It supports the workflow perfectly and saves time
Cerebro is a great product for project management
Cerebro has great features that supports the management of development process of VFX and animation projects."

The feature that was suppose to lead me to the google drive to my obtain new shots was rather confusing
I experienced software freezing multiple times that require a restart
I think the most difficult things in cerebro is technicals errors, which appears in working time
If there weren't this much long trial period we would waste 2 month pro period on exploring the product capabilities."

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20M+ downloads

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