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Category: Task Management Tool
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Category: Task Management Tool
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Lumiform reviews

I was googling for a home office specific review methodology and that's how I came across this company. I was surprised how many ready-made checklists Lumiform offered. Very practical for us, because I didn't feel like dealing with the topic forever!

- Anna W Customer Success Manager

We were thinking of developing a solution ourselves because we thought our needs are too special. With Lumiform we can tailor the checklists along the whole process to our needs.

- Axel K CEO

At the moment unfortunately no option to continue working with it.

- Jorg W Specialist for occupational safety

Aha! reviews

Aha! lets you input information at a lot of different levels, from high-level goals to individual tasks. These items can be connected and visualized to see how they relate to each other and the goals of the organization. The capacity/demand tracking and reporting are invaluable. Aha! is designed to clearly show how a team's work is related to their business goals/outcomes. Their knowledge base is detailed and I've received excellent support anytime I reach out with questions.

- Daniela I. Telemedicine Content & Learning Specialist

It's a great tool for product managers to interact with Engineering and other stakeholders across the organization. The feasibility of integration with other tools makes it more powerful. Undoubtedly, eliminates the use of multiple excel sheets and coordination efforts with the team as the data is live and easily visible to the management.

- Isha K. Manager Product Management

Aha! has been easy to set up and integrate with Jira to support our end-to-end product solutions. It was also very easy to set up SSO integration.

- Lamar H. Corporate IT Director

Pros & cons


: Lumiform is so intuitive and easy to use
But the best is that it is very flexible
Very easy to use and every employee can digitally fill out and document the quality checks assigned to them and take any necessary next steps.

: They are still a young company with some of the typical flaws.Bugs in the software tablet application/documents not uploading and disappearing into nirvana
Some of the document output was poor, this should not happen after the rollout.


I like that the tool supports a standard methodology and discipline that is critical for the success of PM Teams
We have also had a good response on a couple of key feature requests which I was impressed by given our modest account size
Other nice features include the ability to organize the suggestions/requests, combine similar items, organize them - and the users get to vote on what others have posted
My overall experience with AHA has been outstanding
It shows that the team developing this product has a deep understanding of what their customers are trying to accomplish."

Often I'll need to completely refresh the page before I see my changes in the UI so it makes things a bit slower to use
Some what features or functions are missing that one would think were basic
The learning curve is steep compared to You track
Schedules epics activities development tasks todos and several other features can be hard to distinguish and somewhat confusing
But it's not exactly intuitive
You have to mess around and make quite a few mistakes before it really begins to make sense."

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