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Category: Video Editor Tool
Industries: Education


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Final Cut Pro X

Category: Video Editor Tool
Industries: Education


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lwks reviews

Precision in video editing. Sound manipulation. Some visual effects. Great output quality

- L. L. M. Quantitative Researcher

Gives you more advanced options if you have iMovie down. If you understand how to use timelines, it's not that difficult to get up and going with this program.

- Julie B. Project Coordinator II & Change Analyst

This product has a lot of resources for building videos.

- Mariah B. Owner

Final Cut Pro X reviews

If you use a mac, the final cut pro is your answer to video editing . It is one of the best easy-to-use, fast option-oriented video editor software. Its user interface is easy to understand and use.

- Parth C. Executive Director

The Final Cut Pro workspace is neat and conducive to video editing seamlessly. The major editing tools appear on the screen and are at our disposal to use smoothly. We can import files by dropping them into our project. The clip timeline is one of the best things I like about the Final Cut Pro. I feel that the Final Cut Pro timeline smartly adapts to the edits we make when we resize clips, slice them, and move them around.

- Stephen B. Designer

The newest layout and design of the software and user interface have made this software very easy to navigate and use. Also, when introducing a new designer or editor to the software, it is much easier to train them on the different uses of FC. They have done a great job in ensuring that there are plenty of options available for even the most minor tasks that make the editing process much more manageable. There are also many websites out there now that will have templates or addons for FC that you can purchase for a minimal cost and download straight into the base files and keep forever.

- Kim E. Accountant

Pros & cons


I am a big fan of beginner-friendly creative tools
Lightworks allows me to make short advertisement videos for my freelance business, even though I have no formal education in video edition
In the forum is possible to find additional effects that also look great and save time
There are lots of tutorials in their site about how to perform some of the most commonly used functions
Editing with Lightworks is really easy especially different windows for preview and the main editing is super helpful
Very good experience, It does what I need and I managed to get it working without previous knowledge
The support in forums is very good."

Perhaps for new users, there will not be much transition pain, but for seasoned editors, it may be a bother
It can be difficult to adapt to the look and feel of Lightworks at first and the cuting philosophy behind the tool it's the same that "traditionnal" video editing software, be advised
It's hard to come up with something bad to say
It can be difficult to adapt to its look if you've been using Adobe's Premier before."

Final Cut Pro X

In my opinion, if you are looking for a friendly video editor that allows you to make projects comfortably on your mac for any social network, final cut pro is a great option
It's great for novice video editors and full-out pros
It's a great, versatile software that's really a pleasure to work with
As a singer and amateur editor this has become my best friend
The pandemic saw the increase of virtual concerts and I've been able to produce professional looking videos to my presentations
Audio editing is very good allowing me to easily take out pops and gaps
My favourite feature I the 'flow' transition which works like some kind of magic is happening."

Am thinking of switching back to using it than using Priemere pro cause that has the error bug messages
The worst part about this software is the stock effects
I could blame this on my inexperience with the software at the time
I hate that Apple didn't let this software run on all OS."

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