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Category: Email validation tool
Industries: Business, Communication, Marketing



$ 7.95

Per user per month


$ 12.95

Per user per month


$ 29.95

Per user per month

Email Hippo

Category: Email validation tool
Industries: Business, Communication, Marketing


CORE susbscription

$10 - > $1,750

1 - 2,500,000 email addresses checked

MORE API subscription

$10 +

1 - unlimited

CORE Pay per email (file upload)

$10- $1,750

1 - 500,000 email addresses

20M+ Downloads

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Mailbutler reviews

I downloaded this software after hearing a coworker rave about its features, and it hasn't disappointed. Seamless installation. The tracking info, which includes when the email was opened, is such a handy feature. The Mailbutler email signature designs are sleek. The undo send is a godsend and is easier to use than Gmail's version. Highly recommend this software.

- Kavya S. Graduate Student

I love the send later option and that I can create tasks out of emails that are created directly in trello. It works seamlessly.

- Lamar K. President

I use Apple Mail because I cannot stand Outlook. I needed two things. First, I needed to have read receipts to see who has opened my emails. Second, I needed to bcc Hubspot so that I can track all my correspondence in there. Mailbutler allows me to do both perfectly. Plus, their customer support is very quick to respond.

- Felipe F. CEO

Email Hippo reviews

Honestly, nothing negative. Even if we have a 5 hour difference, the team is responsive, knowledgable and very empathetic.

- Armen M. Director, Digital products

Gives you a full report with details on non-verifiable emails, it can even explain some of the causes sometimes (e.g. non existing address, catchall mail box, etc ..)

- Moe A. Business Development

A very handy utility for those who run long email lists; marketers, companies that keep client lists, and journalists who keep lists of sources and contacts The utility is simple and straightforward, it checks a CSV file to verify email addresses and it does just that

- Jim C. Marketing Manager

Pros & cons


The functionality is outstanding
It brings all the features that should have been standard in Apple Mail
These features ensure that I can focus on my business and not worrying about forgetting email messages, errors in email messages, and more
All-in-all, I would highly recommend MailButler to all night-owl entrepreneurs like myself
It will save so much time and brain space to let MailButler do the heavy lifting
I don't want to encourage clients to email me at all hours expecting a response, so the ability to snooze/schedule emails to appear and send during my business hours is a life-saver."

Every time the software is updated you need to quit and relaunch Mail in orders for the updates to take effects
Just a little small annoyance, though
The iOS application is, in my opinion, almost un-useable, given that it has almost no integrations with Apple Mail that I use as my main email software
This is no longer possible with the new formula
Unless you spend a boat-load, they limit which features you can use
Even for the ones you can use, they limit all your available "Actions" so you can only use them a certain number of times (dumb)."

Email Hippo

This helps us make sure we don't get banned by email campaign software providers and saves us a lot of time trying to undo having the account flagged
Highly recommend this software
There aren't many restrictions, so that's good if you have large lists
Documentation is present if you wish to learn more about the processes used for email verification
This tool has the standard features that email verification tools have plus a few nice extras
I like the high limits for uploading
It was integrated into our site with the API v3 and it does its job
If you want to have detailed statistics or settings, you have to develop it for yourself."

Domain validation sometimes does not work in certain domains other than Gmail, Outlook, etc
Practically none existent
No easy settings for different rules over dashboard."

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