Marathon Testing vs UiPath

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Marathon Testing

Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business





1 License $ 1480 $ 1480 $ 440

2 Licenses $ 1380 $ 2760 $ 825

3 Licenses $ 1380 $ 4140 $ 1240

4 Licenses $ 1380 $ 5520 $ 1655

5 Licenses $ 1380 $ 6900 $ 2070

6 Licenses $ 1280 $ 7680 $ 2300

7 Licenses $ 1280 $ 8960 $ 2685

8 Licenses $ 1280 $ 10240 $ 3070

9 Licenses $ 1280 $ 11520 $ 3455

10 Licenses $ 1280 $ 12800 $ 3840


Category: Automation Software Tools
Industries: Marketing, Financial, Technology, Business


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Marathon Testing reviews

We chose MarathonITE to automate our regression pack and it has immensely helped reducing the regression testing from 5 day cycle to a 3 day cycle.

- Padmaja Sampath

Our entire MarathonITE test suite is in source control (TFS). With this, it is very easy to execute either part of or the entire test suite on multiple test machines in multiple environments. Between new releases of our software, I am able to press play on the test suite for a quick and thorough regression test. Following the completion of the tests, I am able to evaluate a test result report that MarathonITE builds. This report shows any individual tests that failed during execution which allows me to manually investigate why it failed. If you are looking to automate your Java/Swing application, I can attest that this tool will provide you adequate features and functionality. I am excited to see how MarathonITE’s software will improve in the near future.

- Neal M.

"Marathon as job manager" What do you like best about Marathon? Fast deployment Easy to configure job via JSON Deploy job to specific group of nodes via attributes requirement REST api which can be called from anywhere in my VPC Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Marathon? Authentication & authorization Limited GUI configuration on detail attributes. Better if there is an Advance config section Cannot edit job configuration from GUI Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering Marathon: Marathon is great for internal job management Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Marathon solving and how is that benefiting you? Deployment of microservices modules. Marathon gave a good overview of availability of modules and how many instances on which the modules are being deployed on. Deployment via marathon is fast and reliable

- Trong Hieu L.

UiPath reviews

Uipath is the best automation tool in the market because it is very reliable and very handy and easy to use for users. in our company, we are using this tool for our process and end-to-end automation. it has helped us in our complex and easy automation, developing any process is very easy we just pick our desired activity and place it into the workflow. From a learning perspective, Uipath also gives a handsome platform where users can easily learn anything that they want. There are two robot options you can take license and where you can run process attended and unattended. While we are using Uipath in our company we saw we reduce the human error by 68.7 % as last year. Uipath helps us to speed up processes and we saved almost 39 FTE manhours saving in this year. Uipath can easily integrate and work on any third-party application. Uipath orchestrator has also provided where you can manage your environment virtually and can check the processes, and queues, and maintain your assets. so far this is the best solution that we are using for our automation.

- Abeera S.

Uipath is a very stable platform for business automation and process automation. It is very smooth and easy to develop processes for any new learner or expert developer. In my department, we have been using this technology since 2019. Drag and drop the activities into your framework, and you can quickly build your algorithms. There are many pre-defined libraries that you can install, and they will help you to increase your activities list. For example, on our network side, we have bots sharing the latest status of each network point or switch. There are multiple licenses where you can develop your logic in the studio. And if you need any help, there are two platforms where you can get help. - Uipath Community & Uipath Academy. Compared with similar products on Uipath, learning is effortless. Uipath introduced some new capabilities like Document understanding and Computer Vision, which are very good. We manage our environment via uipath Orchestrator, where we run our processes queue-wise and store our assets to make everything secure and safe. Uipath also provides two types of environments to run your process Attended & Un Attended; both are fabulous.

- Hassan R.

Since I use it for the operation of my work, it has grown remarkably professionally, a long time ago I took a small course to use this program completely and the results I have generated have been very good, I am much more organized and I have magnificent management of my work activities, there are many tasks in which UiPath helps me, I automate certain processes that I know I can count on the support of this program in order to be much more productive and efficient, with UiPath errors decrease and I generate an impact of quality in my work thanks to the file and document support that I always have at hand, this software has a dynamic and exclusive interface that shows the tools for the needs that its users require, the mission of this program is to be a control tool for the development of a company.

- Ignacio L.

Pros & cons

Marathon Testing

Easy to configure job via JSON
Deploy job to specific group of nodes via attributes requirement
REST api which can be called from anywhere in my VPC

Authentication & authorizationLimited GUI configuration on detail attributes
Better if there is an Advance config sectionCannot edit job configuration from GUI


Developed great solutions for shared services
It's compatible with most of the software in the market so that it becomes easy to automate
It is object-centric so very reliable for automation.

Some time bots are not able to recognize spontaneous popups and failed to find unwanted popups
In studio some of the shortcut keys are not working
Few errors can be rectified like generic errors.

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