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Mathway reviews

Easy to use and efficient, Mathway appeals to anyone who needs help solving mathematical problems, whether we're talking about high-school students or undergraduates. Even some professors and scientists can use it to verify results or perform routine equations more quickly. If you want not only answers, but also to learn from this app, however, you'll have to buy a rather pricey subscription.

- staff

I used for my college quantitative analysis class (algebra). Started off using the free version, but I needed to see the steps to solve so I upgraded to the premium version. I only needed it for a month so I only paid $10. All the answers gave me were correct and I got an A in the class.

- Gus

While it can be helpful, its is trash. It is somehow unable to solve some calculus question that Symbolab and even my Ti-89 can solve perfectly fine.

- Jack Sauce

Numberphile reviews

This week, I'm going to share an educational channel about math called Numberphile, but don't hit the back button on your browser and let the content scare you off; I promise it's really interesting. I'm personally not great at math, but watching these videos makes the concepts much less daunting and shows how complex theories can be broken down simply.

- Jason Parker

Are you interested in numbers? This site has a variety of videos about math theories that are at the forefront of research. Easy, understandable language presents each topic, and this is an entertaining way for anyone to learn fascinating facts about numbers. The Numberphile covers a very broad scope of topics such as Why do people hate mathematics, AMAZING Dice Rolls, and Sounds of PI. Videos vary in length, although most remain well under 15 minutes. Even those who believe they are not good at math will like learning interesting facts about numbers. The videos are hosted on YouTube. If your district blocks YouTube, then they may not be viewable; be sure to look at alternatives for sharing the conversation starters and other videos on classroom computers.

- Brady Haran

Numberphile is a free site featuring short math films created by Australian video journalist Brady Haran. Sponsored by organizations including the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Numberphile videos feature mathematicians describing interesting mathematics scenarios and insights. Problems featured are designed to be engaging and spark animated discussion. Users can browse the videos on this site (by tapping illustrations that symbolize each video's content) or explore the same content via the developer's YouTube channel (by using that site's search features to browse by topic and title).

- Emily P.

Pros & cons


Simple interface and great graphics make inputting and solving problems a snap
Easy to use with simple layout
Offers a powerful calculator that solves any math problem

Features that most effectively promote learning are available only with a paid subscription
Some kids might just use this as a shortcut
Functionality can be spotty at times
A little intimidating to use


Engaging film clips illustrate how math helps people make sense of the world
Easy to understand
Energetic video explanations bring key math concepts and fun facts to life.

Not all videos are classroom-appropriate
Website is lacking of info
The Text Index provides titles and descriptors but still lacks a clear organization system.

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