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Most popular feedback for Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics gives me the feeling of being supported in my project at all times. The support is exemplary and the implementation extremely fast. Even customised special requests were implemented immediately, so that I have a report that is completely tailored to my needs. When choosing an institute, it was crucial for us to find a provider that could not only deliver the tracking results as a dashboard, but that also allowed for a comprehensive export of the information. Mentionlytics proved to be the optimal option here.

Pierre H.

About Mentionlytics

The perfect combination of powerful analytics, comprehensive data sources, and ease of use. Mentionlytics is a Web and Social Media Monitoring platform for companies and agencies. You can monitor your brand, competitors, hashtags on multiple social media platforms (TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Reddit, etc) and across the web (news, blogs, forums, etc). It offers unique automated insights from SIA, the A.I. Social Intelligence Advisor, and absolutely stunning reports!

Most popular feedback for Clubhouse

The thing I love about Clubhouse, which is technically a platform but could also be considered a tool, is that I’ve been using it for casual, impromptu, fireside chats. No need to make a huge plan, you can start up a room with the right people and the right topic, send out a few invites, and the room can grow pretty quickly. But the content is what I love there. People seem to be willing to say more than they would on Twitter or LinkedIn. It’s more off-the-cuff, and you can really hear their passion through prosody — the energy engages you. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a panelist when the room starts. Anyone, regardless of their follower count, can raise their hand to be on the panel, ask a question, or give an answer, which can really open up doors for people that are just getting started.

William Harris

About Clubhouse

In short: Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. The company describes itself as "a new type of social product based on voice [that] allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world." Basically, you can jump in and out of different chats, on different subjects, in something akin to a live, free-flowing podcast. You can simply listen or choose to throw in your thoughts. Imagine a cocktail party or, clubhouse.

Mentionlytics reviews

We recently used Mentionlytics to check the dissemination efforts of a European H2020 project we are coordinating. It provides helpful insights and it suggests ways to improve our online presence.

- Despina K. Project Manager

It's a good tool I can recommend to anyone running social media marketing company

- Johana M. Sales consultant

It was a pleasant experience and I also would like to point out that the two of the customer representative are extremely helpful.

- Mohamed Amine C. E-Reputation Manager

Clubhouse reviews

Clubhouse helps us manage agile software projects better than ever before. With other tools it feels like we are forcing it to try to accommodate our workflow, but with Clubhouse it feels like it was designed exactly for our use.

- Bryan M.

Clubhouse is an undeniably eye-rolling Silicon Valley product. No wonder everyone from Mark Cuban to Jack Dorsey is trying to rip it off. Removing the invite requirement is a huge step in the right, democratic direction. You'll still probably encounter plenty of rich people who can’t wait to pitch and sell their next invite-only beta app for millions of dollars they don’t need. Still, Clubhouse can also guide you toward illuminating conversations, particularly those focused on non-mainstream topics . Those worthwhile conversations will hopefully grow more numerous now that Clubhouse has fully opened its doors. So, if you’ve just finally gotten in, don’t feel like you missed out. Clubhouse already worked out its worst kinks on us extremely entitled guinea pigs. It can only get better from here.

- Jordan Minor

Overall our experience has been great. Less has been falling through the cracks, and we're able to actively manage & prioritize our development with ease. The application is enjoyed by both the development team & the management team, so everyone is benefitting from our switch to Shortcut.

- Lee-Ann D.

Pros & cons


Also the SIA advisor provides some very interesting predictions, which have helped me to the improvement of my marketing strategy
With the features and social intelligence advisor, it's super easy for an organization to monitor and manage its online image efficiently
Very useful tool for everyday tracking of your company s mentions in social media
All the important info that my colleagues and I are interested in, without losing a single mention
I really like the email alerts and the reports that are being delivered."
One of my keywords was difficult to monitor, due to the wide range of results, many of which were irrelevant
Loading mentions takes a while when dealing with numerous results also the lack of customized dashboard ( changing colors, picking specific graphs to display ...)
Everything is in one dashboard so there is no need of multiple tabs opened."


It's non-invasive product that can be used in many different development processing styles, we have used it from Scrum, to KanBan to ShapeUp
I like the drag and drop the most
It makes managing tasks so much easier
Does what we need it to do - create bug tickets
Not easy to filter, find or sort
It is a very small thing, but it would be nice if we could adjust the color scheme of both things like labels beyond the default options, as well as adjust the overall interface colors
Tasks/Ideas can easily get lost due to poor organization of shortcut.

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