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Merchant Centric

Category: Social media Tool
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Category: Social media Tool
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Merchant Centric reviews

I have had nothing but positive experiences with MerchantCentric. Every single person I have ever engaged with on the platform has been nothing but professional and courteous. I know that they will have no problem helping people and extending our company's brand voice and ethics to online reviewers.

- Tyler M. Social Media Specialist

Overall, this has been a great tool to consolidate communications as well as streamline data analysis. I would recommend 10/10.

- Martin B. vp of operations

Unorganzied management. No one checked if i was all set.

- al g. Franchisee

PhotoBulk reviews

Sites that use images will resize them to meet their requirements, including eBay and Instagram. Their image resizing and compression is not lossless and will change the quality of the pictures. I prefer to control the quality of the images. Photobulk lets me create a preset to size the pictures and compress them in a way that prevents the site from editing your pictures. It is an essential tool in our workflow!

- Scott B. President/Owner

PhotoBulk unlike other programs has the ability to process multiple files one after another, with different features. The modifications and the loading of the images take place quickly.

- Serena G. employee

I Can’t independently tweak parameters for every photo in batch HEIC limitations with Photos library importNo image format conversio.

- Muhammad S. Administrative Assistant

Pros & cons

Merchant Centric

This company does great work and provides information that is necessary to carry on a successful business
I have had nothing but positive experiences with MerchantCentric
Every single person I have ever engaged with on the platform has been nothing but professional and courteous
MerchantCentric has saved me countless hours of review monitoring and I am so glad we chose to use it
Working with Merchant Centric and their software provides us with peace of mind
Our franchisees are very happy with the services that MC provides, which makes us very happy."

The only downside of this software is the lack of self service SEO/reputation management
All changes to your business must be done through your account rep
I do think that some of the responses to the customers can be more vague and need to be more personable
While working in a high stress area, it seems almost negative to see it and say "no matter how hard you're working, everyone else is doing better
Sometimes the whole Yelp review does not show up
It cuts off and leaves you with a."


You can process as many files as you want as opposed to just one image file at a time
As a news editor for a small news site I manage lots of images
PhotoBulk helps me changes the sizes of the images for the web, add watermarks if I want, and add captions
What I like most about this software is the ease of manipulating and edits photos that you need widely distributed
PhotoBulk has helped me ease the editing process and makes me gain a lot of this when going trough a lot of content."

Many features are still missing in the software that Photoshop provides
It does not have many text style options: underlining is the only option available, with no way to add an external shadow or outline
For example, if you have PowerPoint up and 10 other tabs in your browser open, it may crash on you
The resizer and compressor coming with PhotoBulk sometimes seem to fail."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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