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Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


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$20.00 /month


Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


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Video editing for creators


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mimoLive reviews

It has been above my expectation! mimoLive really makes my live stream fun and easy and get a very professional outcome.

- AAKRITI R. Video editor

I have been using MIMO Live for YEARS. I do a weekly video podcast with this tool, and do live programming many times each week. Probably my most-used software.

- Ray L. Video Marketing Madman

The mimolive green screen is a little hard to get to work. It takes some time geting this to work correctly but when you do, it puts out a beautiful display for the endusers to see.

- Will S.

VEGAS Pro reviews

I started using VEGAS Pro back in the 00's at a multimedia company. As an audio editor and composer, VEGAS Pro allowed me to quickly edit music to film-the time-stretching and snapping tools are unparalleled-and being able to cross-dissolve video clips simply by dragging them made life so easy.

- Jeremy D. Lead Editor

I'm very happy with the software. Sure, there is a bit of a learning curve but once you master the shortcuts and the logic... Editing becomes super fast, and you can automate most actions through scripts or plugins.

- Geoffrey J. Founder

Sometimes it gets kind of slow even if you are not rendering the video still slow when loading videos to your editing board as well as some slow issues when adding audio

- Edson R. Technical Consultant

Pros & cons


It have a lot of tools to build a great streaming production.this is the perfect desktop tool
It's a bit miscatergorized, as it isn't a video editor It will directly stream to major sites live YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pericope
And to any other site using a streamkey.

Sometimes the application crashes when a NDI sources is missed.If you use Windows, you are out of luck
Mac only


I feel confident and excited to explore the tools and custonising features to improve the videos I produce for our clients abroad
I use Vegas even before MAGIX bought it, the software is really great, and it helped me a lot when it was my only option a few years ago, when my computer wasn't that great
Easy to handle ,does not affect your pc, if you are beginner it will help you learn step by step, and if you are professional then this is the ideal tool to improve your skills
My experience with VEGAS pro has been very positive, I have edited very good videos that leave everyone impressed."

Sometimes rendering time takes a bit longer time
Maybe this is the problem of the computer.)
Found it difficult to import all the videos I wanted from one directory
Can take a while to render
So much stuff it can be hard to pick what to use
At worst it costs me money because i can no longer sustain a project session without the software freezing and losing work."

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Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


20M+ downloads

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