Movavi Video Editor Plus vs AVS Audio Editor

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Movavi Video Editor Plus

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


Movavi Video Editor


1 PC

Movavi Video Editor Plus


1 PC

AVS Audio Editor

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


1 year


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Movavi Video Editor Plus reviews

Love the app! The chroma key effect usage is the best one I have ever used. The app is really easy to use and works really good for me!

- Anthony S. Video creator/YouTube Creator

I'm not a techie and was looking for easy to use software to make business videos. Movavi was just what I was searching for!

- Christina M. Marketing Specialist

The cost of the subscription becomes more expensive when advanced functions are required, such as special filters, for example. But overall, I have nothing to dislike about the app.

- Javier D. Customer Success Manager

AVS Audio Editor reviews

I have found what works for me. I use it weekly to produce a single video project that is fairly similar from week-to-week. I have rarely explored features in the software beyond what I need to sucessfully complete my project. To keep it simple: It serves its purpose.

- Glenn S. Pastor/Clergy

Im just starting to try with AVS audio editor i think its very complete, have full package about editing, mixing and even producing. You can add some effects to your tracks, and also you can use it to mix the whole song or record. Im very interested on experiment for a long time with this software. It have a nice control to add VST and plugs, and even record and manage your own track on it.

- Victor Daniel V. Programador Musical Entertainment

The time problem is a serious one and could cause a problem when I testify in court. I have tried repeatedly to contact the company for help in resolving this issue, along with the time zone, but you can virtually never get a person to respond. If they would fix these two issues, the program would be perfect.

- Tracy A. Owner

Pros & cons

Movavi Video Editor Plus

I used it for simple project presentations and the export & share options are pretty reliable, and the process of rendering is really fast
I am very happy with the video editor
It has many advanced features that I have not needed yet
I love how easy it is to use
I have created so much content and am so pleased with having this handy for my business
My experience has been really good, i have liked managing the program a lot, it is very reliable."

Sometimes it lags and there are some bugs during edition
Low colour grading options
Not possible to import custom objects
This program is difficult to learn how to use for someone who doesn't have experience with video editing
I thought I would have been able to export much larger files, it lags depending on the size of the file
Smaller files work relatively well."

AVS Audio Editor

With Covid, I have used this software a great deal to put together recorded video bits into one seamless video
It is also great for editing out speaking mistakes in a verbal presentation
Your products keep getting better and better, and more importantly, keep up with new formats and technology
Very easy to recommend, and to work with
AVS Video Editor is very good in transition and creative aspects to use
I like that this software was easy to learn and has good documentation when I have needed it
The timeline tools are logically arranged and straightforward."

Occassionally crashes for no apparent reason
Reloading with same files will work correctly
Sometimes reproduction is blocked during playback
Recording the "voiceover" gives problems and does not allow you to watch the video while recording (clearly an error)
The issue is PCs don't prop up that long and if your hard drive crashes and burns or PC ought to be redone, you have to purchase the license again
The only DOWNSIDE of this software, which prevents AVS4YOU getting a full 5-star rating is the inability to CROP video frames."

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