Movavi Video Editor Plus vs DaVinci Resolve

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Movavi Video Editor Plus

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


Movavi Video Editor


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Movavi Video Editor Plus


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DaVinci Resolve

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


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Movavi Video Editor Plus reviews

Love the app! The chroma key effect usage is the best one I have ever used. The app is really easy to use and works really good for me!

- Anthony S. Video creator/YouTube Creator

I'm not a techie and was looking for easy to use software to make business videos. Movavi was just what I was searching for!

- Christina M. Marketing Specialist

The cost of the subscription becomes more expensive when advanced functions are required, such as special filters, for example. But overall, I have nothing to dislike about the app.

- Javier D. Customer Success Manager

DaVinci Resolve reviews

It's a tough sell for me being a "weekend warrior" with a lot of other "non editing" stuff to do as it takes time to learn as well as the actual editing.

- Andrew B. Owner/Operator

I have been unhappy with Final Cut Pro and (especially) Premiere, so I was shocked when I downloaded DaVinci Resolve and it was so powerful! And the Fairlight audio editor is light years beyond anything else in the industry, offering full multitrack mixing, output busses, and more. I cannot recommend this software enough.

- Jeremy D. Lead Editor

Davinci Resolve needs a powerful system to run. Otherwise, it will crash your system. Also, it requires a lot of experience to getting used to it, and it can not be used by newcomers.

- Sumit A. Software Developer

Pros & cons

Movavi Video Editor Plus

I used it for simple project presentations and the export & share options are pretty reliable, and the process of rendering is really fast
I am very happy with the video editor
It has many advanced features that I have not needed yet
I love how easy it is to use
I have created so much content and am so pleased with having this handy for my business
My experience has been really good, i have liked managing the program a lot, it is very reliable."

Sometimes it lags and there are some bugs during edition
Low colour grading options
Not possible to import custom objects
This program is difficult to learn how to use for someone who doesn't have experience with video editing
I thought I would have been able to export much larger files, it lags depending on the size of the file
Smaller files work relatively well."

DaVinci Resolve

The free version of Resolve is by far the most functional and feature rich video editing software out there
It's very professional, and it's great for the more advanced editor
In my opinion the free version of DaVinci Resolve is just as great as the paid version of Final Cut Pro
This software is amazing, it provides a seamless experience that most video editors don't, also this doesn't mean they lack features or important aspects as other software
And all the feedback I have ever gotten from clients about work I have done with Resolve have been positive."

If you're a Final Cut user, this will take done time to adjust to because there is so much
Rendering, sometime need can stop mid way if you use a lot of transition, there's a setting for that
I learnt that one the hard way
It also sometimes has problems with audio output, particularly when you use more than one output device (like headphones and external speakers)
The lack of marketing for the software is probably the only thing missing."

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