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Movavi Video Editor Plus

Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media


Movavi Video Editor


1 PC

Movavi Video Editor Plus


1 PC


Category: Video Editing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Educaiton, Social Media



Starting at $10.00

Per Month


Starting at $199.00

Per Month


Starting at $49.00

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Movavi Video Editor Plus reviews

Love the app! The chroma key effect usage is the best one I have ever used. The app is really easy to use and works really good for me!

- Anthony S. Video creator/YouTube Creator

I'm not a techie and was looking for easy to use software to make business videos. Movavi was just what I was searching for!

- Christina M. Marketing Specialist

The cost of the subscription becomes more expensive when advanced functions are required, such as special filters, for example. But overall, I have nothing to dislike about the app.

- Javier D. Customer Success Manager

StoryXpress reviews

We've been very satisfied with the whole experience. There are similar tools, but the pricing here is better for light to moderate use, and you also get to customize the branding of your video player, which our previous tool didn't.

- Rodrigo C. Freelance Full-Stack Web Development Engineer

I had to do so many recording do-overs that I'm still not using the product most of the time. I keep trying it every few weeks, but every recording is resulting in inconsistent footage, out of sync, or with 20 frames per second resulting in a choppy video. When I try Loom, I don't have this issue.

- Sven K. Online Marketeer

A few times my videos have failed to process, although that has been a while so the issue seems to be resolved. I would love to be able to completely hide the controls on some videos but closing them works just fine

- Heather S. Owner

Pros & cons

Movavi Video Editor Plus

I used it for simple project presentations and the export & share options are pretty reliable, and the process of rendering is really fast
I am very happy with the video editor
It has many advanced features that I have not needed yet
I love how easy it is to use
I have created so much content and am so pleased with having this handy for my business
My experience has been really good, i have liked managing the program a lot, it is very reliable."

Sometimes it lags and there are some bugs during edition
Low colour grading options
Not possible to import custom objects
This program is difficult to learn how to use for someone who doesn't have experience with video editing
I thought I would have been able to export much larger files, it lags depending on the size of the file
Smaller files work relatively well."


I like the fact I can brand and track videos
I haven't had the chance to make the most of this functionality yet, but I have plenty of use-cases in mind for it
It is a great alternative to Loom, I like that you can make it look like a landing page and customize the looks etc
Also great you can download, and embedded, very great features
It's been good, the more I work with it the better it fits my needs
And what I love about the software is that I can share a direct link for my recording
And people will see my recording on a page where I can edit the page to look more about my brand."

Functionality issues with VPNs, stability uploading video, some other lack of features
It was advertised with features (no branding/blurring etc.) that don't exist and it is often quite buggy
I've lost videos that never uploaded to my dashboard about 4 times
All 4 times the internet was being dodgey though
And I end up having to record everything again
This, so far, is the only really bad thing I can see on the software."

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