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My Music Staff

Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Business


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$14.95 /month

Unlock Learn

Category: Learning Management System
Industries: Education, Business


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$299.00 /month

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My Music Staff reviews

Really positive. Support staff are great and there is plenty of resources to problem solve any booking requirements. It's nice to see that the software is still being updated and invested in which makes me hopefully for the tools it will provide in the near future.

- Adam K. School Director

My overall experience has been amazing. The customer service reps are so kind and helpful, and the software itself has given me all I need to run my flute studio in one website.

- Caitlin B. Flute Teacher

It would be good if students were able to edit/comment on their lesson notes. Also if there could be a blog or newsletter that is not public but only accessible by your clients with the ability for them to comment.

- Larisse K. Music Teacher

Unlock Learn reviews

We needed a way to track employee training hours, enroll employees in courses and upload training hours from various departments. Also we wanted to create eLearnings and make them available to a particular team. All of that has been accomplished.

- V. W. Corporate Trainer

GnosisConnect was able to put all of our learning management into one system. Previously this was spread across multiple channels. Our company is very customer service focused and we were beyond Impressed with GnosisConnect's customer service and support. Whenever we had a question or bug, they responded promptly not only with a response but a timeline and a proposed solution. Their staff is very personable and take genuine pride in their product.

- Eric S. Training Manager

There are two things that I didn't like: the first one is they take a larger percentage of equity than the cash value you receive and the second one is you may have to sell your home by the time your agreement ends if you can't afford to buy unlock.

- Shivangi S. Associate Scientist

Pros & cons

My Music Staff

As I said, we don't seem to want to use all aspects of this site, but the ones we use I find very good
And especially, if I ask for help, the quality of help is outstanding
Streamlines scheduling, invoicing, and teacher availability so perfectly for a music school
It would work great with modifications for all sorts of other businesses too
My overall experience with using My Music Staff has been good and worthwhile to me
I would like to have phone contact with a representative
Ease for billing and calenders, ease of adding staff, ease of adding students, website editing."

Apart from that I can't think of any feature that i personally am missing, or others could possibly need
It is expensive for everything it offers and makes access difficult for anyone who is just starting their study will not be able to acquire it
The auto-generated lesson fee feature is a bit confusing for me (showing a balance owed for lessons which haven't occurred) but even more so for the students
Some confusing ways of achieving things, quite roundabout at times
No thought gone into group classes and multiple teachers assigned to groups as is norm in most schools."

Unlock Learn

The system could be customized to meet our unique needs
The features that we liked most about GnosisConnect were its ability to handle both instructor lead and eLearning classes
In addition to that it, we needed an application that would integrate into Google Calendar
The good thing about Unlock is that there are no monthly payments or any debt.

Scheduling an ILT session does require a bit of an extra effort as there are a few menus the scheduler needs to navigate through to schedule the class and schedule the session
the system is set up to schedule one ILT course with potentially several sessions
Our needs dictated one session per course, so it felt like a bit of extra work on our part.

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