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Neat Reader

Category: Screen Reader

Industries: Education


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Speak Any text

Category: Screen Reader

Industries: Educaton, Students, Teachers, Parents

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world. Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

Sir Richard Branson

Most popular feedback for Neat Reader

Neat Reader is a good epub reader but I won’t suggest you purchase a paid plan as it only reads Epub content and doesn’t support DRM files even in the paid plans. So if you just use its free version, you’ll be able to enjoy all its funcations and the app itself.

Sanjit Mansingh

About Neat Reader

EPUB reader Neat Reader What this app does The app Neat Reader was created exclusively for reading EPUB e-books. Millions of people all across the world love and trust it. Neat Reader is a cross-platform ePub reader that works with all popular operating systems and provides "cloud storage, multi-end synchronization." Any platform can be used to open and read ePub files, providing a seamless reading experience. Numerous ePub files may be perfectly parsed by Neat Reader, which also offers a number of reading options including notes, search, personalization, and more. effectively satisfy the user's unique ePub reading needs. VIEW & IMPORT EPUB FILES You can quickly import your ePub files using wifi transfer and other practical techniques. When you open EPUB files in other programs and select Neat Reader instead, Neat Reader will immediately add the file to its collection. Open and view EPUB books quickly. Use a range of methods to navigate the EPUB book. AMEND EPUB BOOKS Underline key passages in books and annotate them. Quickly navigate to the highlighted area of the EPUB books. When you switch themes, the highlight color automatically modifies as well. CUSTOMIZATION Change the EPUB books' font size and style. Decide which color scheme best fits the surroundings. IN-APP BUYING You should upgrade your membership to Premium if you need to read your EPUB books on more than two devices, regardless of the type of device or operating system they are running on. You will receive 10GB of cloud storage with Neat Reader Premium, and when your EPUB book is uploaded to the cloud, all of the reading data will be instantly synchronized. Simply put, if you have Premium, your EPUB books will be kept in the cloud and you will be able to read them on all of your devices with no interruptions. GOVERN EPUB FILES You can organize your books into categories and do it your way. You can upload roughly 5000 EPUB files to the cloud storage with 10 GB of space. DESCRIPTION OF NEAT READER Visit for the most recent information about Neat Reader or to download the Neat EPUB Reader program for additional platforms. This website is mostly intended to promote Neat Reader and is constantly updated. WHAT WE DO We are passionate about ePub technology, and Neat Reader meticulously incorporates years of ePub software experience. Neat Reader apps will continue to be developed so you may read EPUB books in the future. CONDITIONS & TERMS The Neat Reader Terms of End User and Privacy Policy ( governs how you use this program. Why are you holding out? Download the renowned EPUB Reader today to begin enjoying your eBooks.

About Speak Any text

Simply listen to any text you like to read! Are your eyes tired of reading? Simply listen to any text you like to read! You won't need to read the text because Instant Speech will translate it into speech. Using the most recent Text-to-Speech technology with automatic language detection, Instant Speech reads aloud selected text. Any text in 56 languages can be read by the extension. How to apply: Choose the text that you want to read. - To begin listening, either click the Instant Speech icon or right-click the text and select "Read with Instant Speech." - At any time, you can click the symbol again to halt the speech. Utilizing the Google Text-to-Speech API is this extension. If you like the extension, do give it a rating. supported lingua franca: Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Bosnian, Catalan, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Frisian, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, KurdishKurmanji, Kyrgyz, Latin, Latvian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Norwegian, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, ScotsGaelic, Serbian, Shona, Sindhi, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa

Neat Reader reviews

This app along with Pocketbook are my fave book apps. Now, here are reasons why I can't only use this app for books. It's perfect for reading. I have no qualms with the actual reading part using this app, it's the organizing of my books I'm having issues with. I want to be able to organize them myself on the shelf, and edit the author/title information and it would even be great if I could add the name of the series so everything organized nice and neat. I know it's such a small detail but yea

- Sunev Jefferson

So far this is the only android epub app I've found that correctly handles large blocks of code when reading technical books, which is the one thing i absolutely needed from an app. App otherwise has a decent number of features, though not as full featured as others. Tends to buffer a bit when rendering books, but that's an acceptable tradeoff for me given its handling of code blocks.

- Nathan Wright

i love how simple this app is! and it doesn't have annoying ads too! so far, i haven't experienced any problems with this app. you can use the app offline and I lovee the customization thingy. it's very easy to use too! although, I kinda wished the dark mode was better (black bg, white text) and I also wished I'm able to change the book cover and title. that's all! 5/5 #keepslayingdevelopers

- Nicole Estrella

Speak Any text reviews

It works but its list of languages that it can read out includes Luxembourgish. It cannot read out Luxembourgish.

- Upside Down Man

The only TTS addon that works properly for languages other than English, I tried like 5 others. This is the best one I found for Finnish. Uses Google Speech API.

- Aki Tinakari

It is amazing, mostly it works for all languages, I really like it is the wonderful job.

- Mohamed Ali Baghrab

Pros & cons

Neat Reader

Majority of the functions available in the free plans
Simple UI
Customization available on Premium plans
No DRM support
Supports only Epub format
Too expensive

What is Speechify?

Speechify is one of the most popular audio tools in the world. Our Google Chrome extension, web app, iOS app, and Android app help anyone listen to content at any speed they want. You can also listen to content in over 30 different voices or languages.

How can Speechify turn anything into an audiobook?

Speechify provides anyone with an audio play button that they can add on top of their content to turn it into an audiobook. With the Speechify app on iOS and Android, anyone can take this information on the go.

Learn more about text to speech online, for iOS, Mac, Android, and Chrome Extension.


Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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