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Sir Richard Branson

NEO LMS reviews

Love how through apple classroom you can lock students to this app to force them to not cheat on a NEO quiz.

- Cailee K. Teacher/Technology Integration Coach

As an educator, NEO LMS made everything easier and more convenient. Reaching out to your learners made easier with the messaging feature of this software and it makes online learning more enjoyable and fun.

- Clarissa A. Teacher

Sometimes we encountered difficulties with students uploading files for an assignment. We didn't always have access to those files or students would have to put them in a shared folder in order for us to access them.

- Sarah A. Biology Teacher

BrainCert reviews

Easy navigation. Smooth UI. I really liked how I could see my progress.

- Faiyaz T. CEO

1. Authority Structure During Session :- Instructor can allow/disallow Mic, Camera, WhiteBoard access etc of attendant. 2. Recording and storage process of session. 3. Code Editor & Formulas adds more value to session 4. Individual and Common session chat is also very useful. 5. Upload documents to whiteboard feature is very smooth in use. 6. Allow attendant to be an instructor is very awesome.

- Rahul J. Developer

Overall I didn't like my experience, especially because in the last two weeks one of my students was not able to join the room. She lives in Italy and reported that she was seeing the message "Waiting for presenter". I am currently testing some other e-learning platforms because the company where I work is in the process of implementing online classes for all students from its franchisees in Brazil.

- Daniel P. Teacher

Pros & cons


I have been using for a while now and I really I can say that it has been a great experience
As one of the best platforms out there for e-learning, NEO has made it easy and light for people who have signed up
NEO LMS is best especially now that we are in this generation where technology is the key to everything
The worksheet and activities in where in you can make engagement to the learners and facilitator to less in work and improve the capabilities of the learner."

The grading settings can be particularly confusing
The calendar doesn't integrate well with iPhones and I've been restricted to desktop/ laptop use
Still missing a nice mobile app visual, some files cannot be uploaded or downloaded, some places in the platform has no place to go, errors in some pages
The feature that I seldom use is the calendar feature
The fact that it is quite limited and cannot be customized well, is also one reason why I would rather use other application for calendar."q


Including 1 free virtual classroom with a thirty minute length is super nice
I like the completeness of its virtual classroom functions, the simple way to carry out the activities from a cell phone
Its platform is the best with online content management
The practice exams seem to be of high quality and I've found them to be very helpful in preparing for upcoming exams
It has been a great experience and the product has been very beneficial for our PGA Section."

We had issues due to wifi connectivity so had done problems loadibg
The main problem I've found in this platform was UX of the dashboards
I think dashboards can be more productive
As someone who was used to working with BlackBoard Collaborate this program was even worse
It should not be sold or advertised to schools that teach k-12
I didn't use the software after purchasing, and it auto-renewed after I hadn't signed in for 11 months
Should be an easy fix but they refused to refund the $400 product."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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