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NVDA Screen Reader

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"Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today."

Sir Richard Branson

About NoteVibes

By employing Notevibes rather than paying a voiceover artist, you can save time and money. For videos with voices that sound natural, use our text to voice converter. Utilizing a sophisticated editor with a clear and simple interface, you may convert text to speech in a matter of seconds. Notevibes enables you to use audio files in your business, assisting with business communications. You hold ownership of all intellectual property. To facilitate teamwork, we developed Notevibes as the most lifelike voice generator. In our AI text to speech program, we use cutting-edge secure techniques; no data is leaked. The Commercial annual pack lets you add team members and manage them through a master account. For multilingual teams, there is an easy way to create speech-like transcriptions of documents. Our text to speech program uses only high-quality voices. 201 excellent voices in 22 languages are currently available, and the number is still increasing.

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Most popular feedback for NVDA Screen Reader

I am a twenty-three year old web developer, living in Iran. My country has been sanctioned for years, and this means that I cannot legally get any commercial screen readers. I use NVDA at home, at work, and in a flash drive; it’s with me wherever I go. I’m glad NV Access came up with the idea of such a screen reader, and I thank all the developers and contributors for making it such a great piece of software to use


About NVDA Screen Reader

A free "screen reader" called NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) enables persons who are blind or have vision impairment to utilize computers. It uses a computer voice to read the words displayed on the screen. By directing the cursor to the appropriate region of the text with a mouse or the keyboard arrows, you can control what is read aloud to you. NVDA can also translate the text into braille if the computer user owns a device called a "braille display". For many blind people, NVDA holds the path to both education and work. Access to social networking, online shopping, banking, and news are also provided. NVDA is compatible with Windows. You can download it to a USB stick that you can use with any computer, or to your personal computer.

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NVDA Screen Reader reviews

is freely and open source (GPL2) Supports Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Word, Excel and Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird. NVDA supports web content using JavaScript. For students testing the screenreaders, NVDA was considered to be the second best screen reader in terms of capability for Windows and a great selling point is its price-free. In testing, some students preferred NVDA while some preferred JAWS. Interestingly enough, NVDA was able to read some web content that JAWS did not but the reverse was sometimes true as well.

- George Thompson

I have done my best to outline the major differences between NVDA on Windows and VoiceOver on the Mac. While both products are good, I personally lean in favor of NVDA. Microsoft Windows is by far the most popular system in the world, and NVDA is a great tool in the toolbox. Its open source nature is a major plus and means the innovation and ability to keep up with the ever increasing changes in Windows is almost certain. In contrast, Apple’s neglect has turned me personally away from the Mac. I do not recommend people invest in Macs anymore either, as it has been clear for many years that Apple’s focus is on iOS. While it’s sad these events have transpired, we must never forget or disrespect the work Apple has done. Apple is a pioneer in the realm of mainstream accessibility, and now everyone else including Microsoft is trying to catch up. This is a very good thing as it pushes the entire industry forward and ultimately means access for blind users is only getting better and better as the years march on.

- iPhoneGeeks

NVDA was much easier to get up and running, and I can keep it on a USB drive so that if I have to use it, then I can just pull it out and have it work.

- Blee Blat

Pros & cons


The only advantage that I found inside notevibes is advanced editor
Other than this, I didn’t notice any extra ordinary features
Here are the list of features that I miss inside notevibes.

NVDA Screen Reader

Free and open-source
Lightweight yet packs a lot of useful features
Ability to use add ons that adds extra features or improves the accessibility of certain apps
Supports multiple synthesizers including Microsoft Speech API, Eloquence, and Vocalizer
Supports reading and interacting with math contents such as MathType in Microsoft Office applications like Word (requires Math Player to work)
Braille display support
Math Player is required to read and interact with math content as of this writing
NVDA can sometimes behave oddly, but usually, there are workarounds such as restarting NVDA or Windows
Both Eloquence and Vocalizer synthesizers cost money, but usually not very expensive (2,000-4,000 Thai baht for the main synthesizer drivers, but any additional voices for that synthesizer are free)

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

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