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Category: Content Creation/ Writing Tools

Industries: Businesses, Bloggers, Writers, Content Creators

LongShot AI – Long Form Writing Assistant

Category: Content Creation/ Writing Tools

Industries: Businesses, Bloggers, Writers, Content Creators


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Most popular feedback for Novelist

This is my scrivener alternative. And it's FREE! No annoying ads popping up. Im also able to use desktop and mobile version so I can write anywhere I want. Just hope the developer to fix somethings. Everytime I push/pull a book with images, it says "Invalid Backup" but if its a book with no image included it has no problem. Still rate it 5 since the web version is still in beta.

Pristine Grace

About Novelist

Novelist is already being used by over 90,000 authors to create their next great work. Writing your novels is made easier with the software Novelist. And there are no upfront costs, no ads, and no in-app purchases! Sounds arduous? Yes, it is. You aren't required to follow any particular guidelines or procedures by us. In order to help you plan, organize, and schedule your stories, we want to give you the greatest tools available. List all the components of your story in the plot, much like you would a board. Editing, moving, merging, splitting, reordering, and deleting of items are all possible. Additionally, you may add tags, metadata, and photographs to each object in addition to writing notes, messages, and setting a status. Metadata, statuses, and categories are all fully customisable. Write refers to the process of putting all the pieces of a scenario together. You can write directly in our app or annotate each scene, which is a component of your story. When you organize your scenes, you break them up into acts, parts, chapters, and other logical groups. The only restriction is what you can imagine. Your schedule is when you specify your objectives, such as word count or due date. Advanced features: Write on the web using any browser Generate and use templates when creating new books Backup and restore with Google Drive Book compilation in EPUB, ODT, or HTML format Complete book preview without leaving the application Rich text editor with format, counters, and autosave Insert and review comments in texts View and restore previous text versions Pleasant night mode Ahead are more developments, so check back!

Most popular feedback for LongShot AI – Long Form Writing Assistant

I like how it analyzed my seed keywords against top competitors and then instructed me on what to write. If I didn't have anything to write about the keywords, it would write the copy for me and get me started with "unstuck me" mode.

Joseph S. K.

About LongShot AI – Long Form Writing Assistant

A serious approach to long-form content from an AI writer. Rephrase. Summarize. tone can be changed. Context-preserving text insertion Make ANY website write using AI LongShot AI, powered by our cutting-edge AI technology with a deep comprehension of context and semantics, offers whole new possibilities through its Chrome plugin, going well beyond the scope of conventional writing aids. Long-Rephraser: Use your browser's built-in feature to translate hundreds of words at once for any website. Simply select the text (at least 100 words), then watch as the AI rephrases it. Joom-In Text allows you to add text without losing context by putting your cursor in the space between two sentences or paragraphs. The distinguishing characteristic of this feature is that it takes the context of the chosen material into account for both the prefix and suffix. It aids in completing any gaps in the material without impairing the flow of the content. Summarize one or more paragraphs in up to 3000 characters using the zoom-out text feature. Simply choose the text you want to sum up, then watch as AI takes care of the rest. Tone: Try out various writing tenors, such as upbeat, indignant, or hilarious, to see which one you prefer. To create material in the vein of Spider-Man, Elon Musk, or Joe Rogan, you can ask the AI if you're feeling daring. Use this anywhere, including your email and websites. More of what? You won't ever have to whine that writing isn't your thing because LongShot AI makes it so simple to create content. You can quickly find, create, and improve long-form content with LongShot AI's assistance. Utilize LongShot's Semantic SEO tool to produce in-depth content. Write tailored content for your audience utilizing a variety of specific specialist categories. Create material in up to ten different languages. Strive to overcome writer's block in order to produce long-form material.

Novelist reviews

“If you own an Android device and are looking for a way to develop an idea, this app is definitely worth a look.”

- Penstricken

“When I found this app it looked great but was still immature, but now I must say it has become my favorite.”

- Lord of Things

I love this app. Very easy to use and it’s free! I do hope you add a search option on the organize section though. Sometimes, I make a lot of sections and if I wanna add a scene, I need to scroll down a lot. And one more thing, when I uncollapsed a section, it goes back to being collapsed. It gets very annoying because as I have said, I add a lot of scenes and it’s very time-consuming and tiring to scroll down just to add things to a newly made section. I hope you consider adding these! ^~^/

- mero meii

LongShot AI – Long Form Writing Assistant reviews

Not impressed. Uninstalling it. One good thing? They do have a free plan that isn't tied to only a trial period. This is why I'm still giving it three stars. I'm guessing there may be people who may still find this useful.

- Cindy Bahl (Inquisitive Writer)

The best AI writer ever!

- Marcos Ruvalcaba

I loved the way longshot has nailed the copywriting frameworks and I am quite impressed with the output I received for my inputs.

- Lakshmi R.

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LongShot AI – Long Form Writing Assistant

Niche Selection
Semantic SEO
Long Rephraser

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