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Category: Video Editor Tool
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openshot reviews

This app is very easy to use and free too! I downloaded it and watched a tutorial, a few minutes later I was ready to edit my first video. I do not have a degree in video editing but the products from my Openshot edits were of high quality.

- Kate S.

OpenShot is a compact video editing software for macOS, Windows, and Linux. The application is open and has a large community of users which makes it easy to get started and get help. OpenShot allows you to export the final product to your desired file format. I use OpenShot to edit video tutorials and user manuals

- Sibongakonke N.

OpenShott video editor is an easy-to-use video editing tool. The control panel is so simple that any newbie can have hands-on over it very easily. Also, the feature of drag and drop easily really handy and improves productivity.

- Piyush L. Student Ambassador

videostudiopro reviews

Tools are set up in easy to use format. Able to achieve all of the work I desired. Professional output and many options for exporting to web formats as well as DVD.

- Charles P. VP Business Development

Initially i was using cyberlink but as i got corel video studio i found it so helpful and had a lot of features that i loved and it was not so complex of someone have used any simple editor they too can use it.

- Ankit K. Python Developer

Inexpensive. Lots of free templates and effects.

- Faye W. Performance Improvement and L&D Professional

Pros & cons


Openshot is really awesome and a professional video editing software
The most important thing that it is completely free
Great use, highly recommend to someone who is not confident with advanced, expensive software
OpenShot Video Editor is a great tool to make a perfect video
It's free, and if I was starting from scratch and using this and learning along the way, I would probably love it ..
because I wouldn't know any better."

Before finding this software I faced many problems using different video editing software
That software was more complicated and difficult to use
So far I don't have much problem during using of this software, But I think it is some difficulties I felt during the making of subtitles
It was a little bit of getting more time
It kept crashing on me with out warning
Kept crashing on me a lot of times
It's very frustrating to use when you're used to using a platform that is easy to learn and relatively intuitive
For instance, while you can see how far into a video you are (e.g., 01:06:25)."


The features here are awesome and I can see this being used by professionals and amateurs alike
I've had almost no experience in video editing software but thought I would try this out for fun
What I liked most was the video tutorial which got me up and running in about 30-40 mins
I f you do not need a lot of complicated effects and transitions for video editing, this software is a good fit for you
I would definitely recommend it
It allowed me to make professional videos that I used for multiple platforms, and people liked."

Will hang and crash occasionally when there are other softwares open or when I upload too many videos
Worst Customer Service, Zero Product Support, Product Doesn't Work as Advertised
Much of the features are hard to use, hard to figure out, and sometimes still just don't work
I have yet to find something I dislike about VideoStudio."

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.


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