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Most popular feedback for Parallax

Parallax integrates with the tools we already use for time tracking and sales and didn't force us to change how we operate our business.

Alex R.

About Parallax

Parallax delivers business insights that empower digital services companies to forecast with confidence to improve profitability and employee engagement. Built by leaders in digital services, Parallax is the only professional service automation platform designed to support the unique needs of agencies and software firms - combining real-time data and operational best practices that ensure they are making the most of the solution.

Most popular feedback for Scopi

Great software for small and large corporations. Easy to use, friendly interface and very useful for monitoring key performance indicators of companies. I recommend!Scopi Software gives a global view of the key strengths and weaknesses of a corporation that has strategic planning.

Carlos Henrique L.

About Scopi

Complete solution to create and follow your strategic plans, goals, projects and more.

Parallax reviews

Overall, it's an improvement over Forecast (our previous tool), but performance and ease of use are somewhat prohibitive to rolling this out to the rest of the team for heavier adoption. Despite having so many users, only a few of the people on the team have been able to really use the tools effectively without intensive onboarding.

- Joseph W. Technology Director

The Parallax team is really nice, and I'm rooting for them! I think that in order to be more useful, we could use better communication around release notes (or some expectations about when/what type of communication we can expect). Sometimes I crack it open and there are new features that I find myself needing to learn on the fly. Cool to have new features (and mostly I really can figure them out) but some closing of those loops would be helpful.

- Vanessa S. Head of Client Strategy

I can already see the benefits of adding the Parallax system to our team. It will be very impactful for quick reporting and real-time data. The ramp-up to get the data in was really rough and my expectation was there would be a dedicated team on the Parallax side to help make the ramp-up easier. There was high-level guidance provided but not many proactive "best practices" based on AG's contracts until I brought them to meetings. Have a more standard approach to evaluating company's contracts and how you can easily add them to Parallax would help go-forward

- Robert R. Sr. Manager

Scopi reviews

I like the interface, management, and strategic planning offered by the main system. Mobile application with intelligent tracking.

- Camello M. Development of Activities

The Software integrates strategic planning with projects and concerns, allowing you to update and maintain performance indicators easily and quickly.

- Fernando Andrés T. Cofundador e Diretor de Criação

During the time I've been using the system,

- Jennifer da Silva D. Sales Technician

Pros & cons


Great team to work with, strong future for the software
We didn't want to sacrifice user satisfaction for the new functionality
The Parallax team has been enthusiastic and helpful
Parallax has helped us break away from spreadsheet -based talent planning
It's more stable and reliable than our prior approach and promises to support us well as we grow
The team is amazing, the software is amazing, I literally can't recommend this enough
This is head and shoulders about its competition."
The URLs don't capture the state of the interface you're looking at (different insight views, date ranges, etc.), making them useless to bookmark and copy/paste to other people
This is made more complicated because URLs can't be bookmarked or copy/pasted to coworkers
The URLs change periodically, which makes them useless to bookmark
Often defaults to views based on quarter and I have to repeat efforts to set my filters
When the team and project sizes get larger, this becomes a problem
There are so many things & options, all in not so obvious locations
Graphs & tables do not have consistent colors across the board and it is hard to locate a key for what everything means."


software helps to systematize the activities that need to be carried out on a daily basis
The tool helps to monitor the progress of activities and the results obtained, analyzes the current situation of the company, helps us to define priorities and directs resources and efforts so that the organization obtains a competitive advantage and can stand out in the market.It is an important and fundamental tool for the strategic management of a company that wants to have control of its strategies based on
Integrate new functions to the main system and evaluate the phone
The platform does not yet include some more specific features, such as risk management and time tracking.

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