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PDFsam Basic

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$89 $59

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Pro + OCR Advanced

$129 $79

Soda PDF

Category: PDF Tool
Industries: Education, Business


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PDFsam Basic reviews

The basic free version has all the capabilities that I need! It lets me split and merge PDFs in addition to other things. All I need to do is to drop the PDFs, reorder them, and select merge. It also has an option to normalize the sizes of pages so that the merged file has a consistent page size throughout the document. Splitting PDFs is equally easy! Just select the file and set how you want it to be separated; like each page or after a specific page. And of course you can opt in to pay a fee and use the enhanced version which has more capabilities but for my basic needs, the free version is more than enough.

- Nima A.

Overall, I am very happy with this piece of software -- it is reliable, available at little to no cost, and easy enough to train users on and recommend. I wish it were available on a platform like Ninite so that it would be easier to install with other utilities at the same time. I have no hesitation recommending this software.

- Neel P. Firm Technical Specialist

An excellent tool and very easy to use, it is perhaps one of the most important features, and the updates that are notified to the user allow them to incorporate new features that increase the level of satisfaction.

- Pascual G. Project Manager

Soda PDF reviews

We've just started using it, but we used Acrobat heavily everyday. So far so good! I think this is going to be a smooth transition to a powerful program that doesn't have to be ALL THE THINGS ... that Acrobat comprehensively insists

- osh K. Freelance Graphic Designer

It has lot of features such as merging of the PDFs, editing and deleting pages . First I used free version and then I started liking and upgraded to the standard version . I would recommend this software if you work a lot with documents .

- Sudarshana M. Project Manager

Very easy to edit the file and it has a lot of features.

- Srinath P. system administrator

Pros & cons

PDFsam Basic

Super easy to work with
It has most features you are probably looking for in order to edit, compile, merge or whatever else you might have to do with PDF files
It makes a nice easy to review document -- and this is all the more beneficial when working remotely as has been the case for the past year or so
PDFsam is user user-friendly, versatile, reliable, capable of high-quality resolutions, and consistently free of charge
Wonderful, I will continue to use this software for the rest of my life
It is a crucial tool to have."

The only complaint i have would be the cost of the product, I think it should cost a little less
I will switch to Nitro PDF and know exactly what I am getting
And their customer service is awful
Also, each time you use the program, duplicate PDFsam icons appear, which can be confusing
Then I began receiving prompts to upgrade to PDFSam Enhanced
I then started having problems with PDFSam Basic."

Soda PDF

Overall, it is a good experience
Soda PDf offers a great piece of software to meet a particular need
and fairly easy to learn/use
The fact that it was cheap
It was a good value when I bough it
We use SODA to upload forms sent to us, then fill in via the PDF filler

I have waited on hold for more than 1/2 an hour then being disconnected
Asking for a order number instead of having a product license ID listed in your Account product information is a poor design
The fact that it crashes and fails EVERY time that an update is released
At that point, support indicated that my problems were associated with the most recent update
It's been a month since the problems started and all SodaPDF wants to do at this point is close my case
Version 12 is horrible, total redone not working friendly."

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