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Category: Task Management Tool
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Microsoft To Do

Category: Task Management Tool
Industries: Education, Business


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PerfectForms reviews

My company had a lot of little workflows that couldn't be adequately captured in our core systems, so we had a lot workflows powered by passing an excel spreadsheet around, etc. PF is a solution that allows me to build a form and a workflow in just a few minutes to automate those processes. We use it for everything from reporting Safety incidents, to managing reservations for company properties, to approving IT new user access requests (access to our IT systems, which have to get approved by a LOT of people). It is used to manage some employee benefits that didn't fit our HR system. It manages customer complaints and resolutions. It manages an employee recognition system. In short, it fills a ton of gaps between our core systems, and allows us to do it in-house and quickly.

- Scott G. IT Manager

It's great. I am able to create the forms my school district needs, and PerfectForms support is always there when I need a little help.

- Lauren H. Webmaster

Wished there was a better way of getting help on building a form or have a listing of various templates to use.

- April M. Security Specialist

Microsoft To Do reviews

How easy it is to add tasks to the mobile app. It helps me fulfill my verbal commitments by helping me remember them.

- Leslie K. IT Administrator

It is a cross-platform application which means we can use it on any device, either a mobile or your workplace computer. I am using it on my mobile as well as my laptop, it helps a lot to sync all the tasks on both devices, so there is no need to change the application on different devices. Its User interface is amazing and everything is easisly accessible. I also use it to make some shopping lists. We can also add reminder to our task so you don't have to check the task's deadline again and again. It will notify you before that. It also has a widget for mobile version where you can add the task to your day directly from the home screen.

- Ashwin A. Python Developer

Microsoft To-Do has been one of the best and most lightweight task progress trackers. The user experience is perfect. Also, since To-Do is available on most platforms such as windows, android, and IOS it's very convenient to use as well.

- Vithushan S. Engineer

Pros & cons


I love the different levels of routing that PerfectForms can complete
Teachers are able to submit the form, then the form will route automatically to the various approval levels
This is very convenient for all approval levels and the Transportation Department
Forms maintain a highly detailed audit trail of each change that occurs as they make their rounds which is very useful in terms of security
But mostly what I like and why I went with perfectforms was for the ease of setting up and creating my database solution
Both the forms and reports are easy to assemble and use."

What more could you ask for
And no they didn't pay me to write this!)
Another limitation I came across with importing videos to be embed was limited to be under 10 minutes, however there are work around for this
We also inspect every Fire department in the state of Mississippi and collect fire hydrant information around the state
When I started at the company, we collected all of this information on paper
I had previously given PerfectForms a less than stellar rating for some of those problems
This new version seems to have solved them all, and is 100% HTML based, so no more problems with using Flash."

Microsoft To Do

This was my most favorite and the best to do list software I've ever had
I love how friendly and simple wunderlist is
It is a good to-do list software in my point of view
Being able to assign tasks and due dates was so great
You can also link it to your calendar which was easy and so helpful to use
Microsoft To Do is very strongly recommended software for personal work managament
It is very effective tool for time management and progress tracking."

Sadly, Microsoft has messed up the product and stopped innovating on wunderlist for far too long
It's beyond one's comprehension to have Wundrlist and the New ToDo running in parallel
The worst thing about Wunderlist is that, as of last month, it is no longer available
I remember them switching to being owned by Microsoft and it totally ruined the app and I became unhappy with it and no longer use it
There was a lack of integration with other apps and the app was not that aesthetically pleasing."

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