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Category: Automation Software Tools

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Most popular feedback for Perfecto

Customer Satisfaction with Perfecto What do you like best about Perfecto? Guidance in the form of Perfecto documentation is very much useful as it is clear and precise and we consider it as first reference point. Perfecto Support as well as CSM is absolutely supportive and help expedite troubleshooting issues for minimum project work impacts.

Gazala K.

About Perfecto

Perfecto by Perforce is the web and mobile app testing platform most trusted in the industry. Patchwork testing strategies are a thing of the past because with Perfecto, users enjoy a seamless, end-to-end testing experience from anywhere in the world. Leverage the enterprise-grade cloud to test on real devices, virtual devices, or a combination of both — whichever suits your needs best. Bug detection is faster than ever and allows users to detect and fix much earlier in the cycle. Perfecto’s robust smart reporting features help identify issues quickly through test failure analysis and false-negative filtering. Automate testing from your CI and synch all your reporting in one place. Fix defects quickly with the industry’s most comprehensive rich test artifacts. Network virtualization and user simulation let you test like your users and reduce the chance of escaped defects. Extend test coverage and fully integrate with your entire toolchain. Continuous testing has never been more achievable thanks to Perfecto’s unmatched advanced capabilities, including BDD & codeless automation, parallel test executions & bursting capabilities, open integrations with leading DevOps tools and automation frameworks, CI dashboards, heatmaps, rich artifacts collection, and ML-driven test analytics. Revolutionize your testing strategy and find out why more than half of Fortune 500 companies trust Perfecto as their testing partner. 99.9% uptime means better testing, time and money saved, and a superior app as the end result. For more information or to start a 14-day free trial, visit

Most popular feedback for Delivra

Delivra is Very helpful, however, carves out the opportunity to learn What do you like best about Delivra? Delivra offers interminable personalization choices and a perfect and expert configuration. The instrument enormously improves your capacity to contact wide crowds in a period successful way. The capacity to convey test messages is additionally extremely valuable for proofing the formatting and appearance. Review collected by and hosted on What do you dislike about Delivra? Delivra is a piece tricky to use right away. It requires a touch of investment and practice to sort out the legitimate dispersing and formatting features. In any case, when you observe a layout that works for you, you can save it to reuse for future emails. This is particularly helpful for conveying occasional emails, similar to newsletters. The most basic negatives that Delivra has are the expense which I believe is exceptionally high contrasted with the others, inefficient technical support, fairly confounded examination and ROI follow-ups, it doesn't have numerous abilities to perform web structures and presentation pages, the advanced email work for versatile is not in the least powerful Review collected by and hosted on Recommendations to others considering Delivra: Delivra is helpful for email crusades. I don't have any idea where it's less proper because this is the principle work. Changing the source's email address to some different option from what's been endorsed can affect the deliverability. Review collected by and hosted on What problems is Delivra solving and how is that benefiting you? Delivra assists with guaranteeing each of our emails is designed expertly and assists us with sending them out proficiently. The templates help to guarantee our newsletters have steady marking. We likewise have the choice to transfer and oversee arrangements of emails, which is a gigantic advantage. Clients likewise have a choice to withdraw from our rundown, which is a choice our association requires.

Philips A.

About Delivra

including strategic campaign consulting

Perfecto reviews

"Excellent Solution for Testing Mobile Apps and User experience testing"

- Praveen H.

"Perfecto makes automated, repetitive a breeze" What do you like best about Perfecto? The handset automation test to help check for any software faults from device makers. Furthermore, with the health travel hurdle issues, Perfecto makes testing devices in other regions much more convienent, all that is needed is to ship the handset, and everything is setup remotely for testing at your convenience.

- Christopher T.

"Perfecto Is Very Useful" What do you like best about Perfecto? I like being able to have a large amount of devices. The features I like the best are being able to watch live video and being able to search for text or images using Object Spy.

- Ryan S.

Delivra reviews

content strategy and more. Delivra has implemented dynamic marketing solutions for more than 1000 companies representing varying industries.


Pros & cons


Very easy to manage from an Administrators' perspective
swapping and adding devices
Great automation tools
supports many flatforms
Awesome Support Team
quick resolutions
No monitoring for when a device is in error
Whenever a device goes offline, it's the user who discovers it
Runs slower than I would like

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Speechify is the #1 audio reader in the world

Get through books, docs, articles, PDFs, email – anything you read – faster.

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