Phonics Genius by Alligator Apps vs Dyslexia Reader Chrome

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Phonics Genius by Alligator Apps

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Education



Dyslexia Reader Chrome

Category: Apps for Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Industries: Pupils, Children, Teachers, People with dyslexia

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Most popular feedback for Phonics Genius by Alligator Apps

ENGAGEMENT Kids are empowered when they listen to differences among letter sounds, piece these together to sound out words, and build their own library of sight words. The pre-recorded audio playback gives kids independence to explore words. PEDAGOGY This powerful tool allows kids to learn consonants and long and short vowel sounds as well as letter combination sounds and word parts. The app lacks some basics for beginning readers, but it presents phonemic awareness in an engaging way. SUPPORT The interface is clean with clear controls. It's very customizable and allows adults to create individual flashcards or sets of flashcards, with personal audio playback.

Kim A.

About Phonics Genius by Alligator Apps

Children may quickly learn to identify, read, and speak words by using the Phonics Genius program. In addition to the enjoyable activities for practice, the app has over 6,000 words organized by phonics. Phonic awareness is one of the finest ways to quickly pick up the ability to speak, read, and recognize words. This program is specifically made to assist kids with recognizing and differentiating words based on their sounds. It contains just about every conceivable phonetic combination presented in a straightforward, excellent, and thoroughly engaging manner. Students frequently wear headphones when they work on various targeted skills or in small groups, depending on the circumstances. You can get Phonics Genius for nothing—right, that's for nothing!

About Dyslexia Reader Chrome

A Google Chrome addon that makes text simpler to read is called Dyslexia Reader Chrome. Text properties including font, font size, character spacing, column width, background color, text color, and line spacing are modified to settings that have been proved to make text easier for readers with dyslexia, albeit these values are changeable. The extension can be enabled or disabled globally or by a specific domain.

Phonics Genius by Alligator Apps reviews

I love how there are many pronunciations and a speaker. The bad thing is every time I play a record of my voice, the speaker's volume is smaller

- Samthelamb1233 , 07/31/2017

Earning Points For Play Would Help hold the interest of my 6 year old son. The content is spot on (5 Stars)and there could be loads of learning going on here if my son were even just a little more engaged by earning something! Haha! Anything —Stars, points, cash to by some virtual something...he like to win things. While great content the game application of finding the right word of six words just drones on with the words, great, perfect or good job. Cool sounds would also add to raising the engagement factor as well. Great app just need some swagger to engage a savvy audience!! Engagement score (1 Star) combined with content score (5 stars) to come up with a total rating of 3

- Star_101✨ , 04/11/2018

Good but needs improvements It’s very helpful. However, the words change by touching the screen. This limits us to cover and teach the kids letter by letter. The words accidentally change by a gentle screen touch. It’s very annoying and limits all the good things about this app. Adding one option to change the words by screen sliding than touching will greatly help.

- Darahsagi , 01/02/2018

Dyslexia Reader Chrome reviews

This is really helpful for websites. :) We ran it on slack and it changes the fonts fine. Did have to turn off the background and foreground colour changers, as they caused screen to blink a lot and patches to go completely dark. Recommended to configure with a font that you like (which is a super personal choice).

- Ariane van der Steldt

God awfull All it does is change teh font to a super skinny one that is large making it harder to read, it sucks.

- J. Salmonson (darkocean)

Pros & cons

Phonics Genius by Alligator Apps

Easily customizable
it helps kids recognize phonics to decode words and build reading skills
Doesn't include some common letter combinations essential for beginning readers.

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