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Category: Homework Help & Tutoring Services
Industries: Education, Communication, Business, Marketing


Annual - It will become $4.99 monthly

Monthly - $9.99

Pear Deck

Category: Homework Help & Tutoring Services
Industries: Communication, Marketing, Business/Productivity, Education


Free Tier - Design brilliant lessons with interactive questions, polls, quizzes, formative assessments, Work seamlessly with powerful classroom tools from Google and Microsoft, Control the pace of class and project student answers anonymously, Enable students to join a session anonymously without email login, Keep students in sync with Locks and Timers, Ready-to-teach templates designed by educators, Teach vocabulary with Flashcard Factory

Individual Premium $149.99 per year - View and highlight student responses by name with the Teacher Dashboard, Support remote and asynchronous work with Student Paced mode, Control the pace of class and project student answers anonymously, Add Draggable and Drawing responses, Keep students in sync with Locks and Timers, Add on-the-fly questions and activities, Capture and share student progress and leave feedback after the session with Reflect & Review, Immersive Reader (beta), Add Audio to Slides*, Provide feedback to individual students during a lesson with Teacher Feedback (beta), New! Use the Shared Teacher Dashboard to share Session controls and valuable student insight with other designated educators.

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Photomath reviews

It's pretty neat to see Photomath in action, but kids may not learn much from the experience. Each step of a solution can be displayed, but explanations aren't provided, which limits how much kids may understand. Ideally, kids will use the app if they occasionally struggle with an equation and want to see the individual steps for solving it. Kids can also use it to check their work, although traditional methods, like substitution, are much more valuable when it comes to learning. The greatest concern about this tool is that it raises the possibility of academic cheating, and may send kids a message to take the easy route when it comes to learning.

- Debbie G

My Take As a math tutor, I see kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. Sometimes I'll get asked a question on a problem I don't know or don't remember how to solve. I would use this app ask a teaching tool so that I may relearn the process on how to solve the problem, then I would later explain it to the student. I would not recommend this to a student because, students can easily use this app to solve questions without learning the material. But i would definitely recommend this to educators to help them relearn the concept. How I Use It This app is very simple to use. Just take a picture of any math problem and the app will explain step by step on how to solve that problem. Or you can type your question and will also provide step by step instruction on how to solve the question.

- Andres H.

I’ve been using this app for 2+ years already and it is truly a life saver. I use it mostly for checking if my home work is correct and it is amazing. Explains everything that happened in the equation in an easy to understand manner. I also very much like the app’s appearance for some reason, it’s very clean and elegant. All of this being said, after all of this time enjoying it I cannot use it anymore. This being because my phone’s camera broke. When it first broke, the app kept working fine. I could still use the calculator that is in the app, but I had to delete the app for some time because I needed space on my phone. When school started once again I downloaded it and the app won’t even let me use the calculator because my camera isn’t compatible. Needless to say I regret deleting it, I don’t understand why it doesn’t work now when it did before and my camera wasn’t working. I really wish you could use the app even if your camera wasn’t working, or at least make it so you can use the frontal camera on your phone, I have seen the frontal camera support in other math apps (none of them are as good as this one though).

- Alejand Rikiti

Pear Deck reviews

I would give Pear Deck a four out of five. For more reviews like this, click the link below. Prior to using Pear Deck, I was pretty much designing everything manually. I used Pear Deck when I was teaching a college course and putting presentations together became kind of cumbersome because everything was being done very manually. The great thing about Pear Deck is it really allows you to make the presentations interactive, which really continued to drive student engagement and really made the course much more interesting for our students. Pear Deck runs in the cloud. Implementation or ramp up time was nearly seamless, and it was very easy to get started with Pear Deck. For anyone who is considering using Pear Deck, I would encourage them to look at platform they're designing their current presentations on and what they're either not getting or they are getting from that platform and whether Pear Deck would be a value addition to it.

- Andrew B.

I used Pearson service learning before pear deck, but it didn't work for me because I couldn't see my students answer real time. While in pear decl, I can see what they are doing, what they are writing on the dot, right on that time. I love using pear deck because I can see what my students are doing during the time that I am teaching the lesson. I can easily share my work, or I can also invite my teacher and do and see what my class is doing using the pear deck. There are plenty of amazing stuff in product like the templates and some check fuel for learning, and there are plenty more that I can say how good pear deck is. Pear deck is super easy to use. If you have your PowerPoint, you can actually just open it using the pear deck, and it's good to go. You can also edit it and put some questions and students can draw on the slides and you can see their answer as well. I would rate it five out of five in terms of how easy it is to start using pear deck and the ease of use for the students as well. I would recommend pear deck for any teacher who's teaching online as well as in person, because of how amazing it is to use in class. It has all the templates that would help the teacher make your teaching interesting and effective. It also is very easy to use. If you have some ready-made activities or topics, you can incorporate pear deck on it, as well as you can also see your students answer, like every single one of them, and help and held them accountable for their learning through the pear deck. So yeah, I would recommend it. Absolutely.

- Rosciel D.

Overall: Overall Pear Deck is an amazing tool that has revitalized my instruction. Pros: Pear Deck has taken my instruction to a new level. By making presentations interactive and engaging my lessons are much more effective. My students enjoy the interactive elements and engage in the lesson much better. Cons: I would like to see more types of interactivity in the future. Also, the web integration does not always work because of the way it is embedded.

- Christopher E.

Pros & cons


Checking your answers to see that you have done the problem correctly
If stuck on a particular problem, viewing the steps provided to find your mistake
Using this tool to view other approaches to a problem.

Students using this to “complete” homework without attempting the problems on their own first, and thus not actually practicing or learning the material
Using this tool to submit the work of someone else, which is, by definition, plagiarism
And this one worries me the most – this application gives the impression that there is one correct answer (which may be true) and only one way to get there…WRONG!

Pear Deck

Teachers can modify their existing presentations
Collects a variety of on-the-spot, useful data for instruction
Pear Deck has a lot of great resources that I can use to work with my students in an interactive platform.

Getting the hang of creating effective presentations takes time
Some activities (like drawing) can be tricky from phones
It is hard to find the content I am looking for at times
I need to learn a bit more about it!

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