PhotoShelter for Brands vs B2B Wave

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PhotoShelter for Brands

Category: Product listing Tool
Industries: Marketing, Social Media, Business



$10.00per Month


$25.00per Month


$45.00per Month

B2B Wave

Category: Product listing Tool
Industries: Social Media, Business, Marketing


Pro plan

Starting at $295.00

10 Admin users or sales reps Per Month

20M+ Downloads

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PhotoShelter for Brands reviews

I came to Libris from a legacy DAM that became very expensive. Libris works better in many respects such as ability to deliver photos anywhere in the world without running my own web site. My clients like it but some of us luddites don't notice when a password is provided because it's at the bottom.

- Ned A. Lead Photographer

My journey in photography started during my first year working at Iowa State as a sophomore digital media intern. On the very first football game of the season, my boss handed me a camera asking if I could capture a few extra photos that we could use for social—from then on I fell in love.


Overall we are very satisfied with Libris.

- Justin K. Communications Specialist

B2B Wave reviews

Without B2B Wave I wouldnt have an online business. My customers can purchase my products 24/7 and pay instantly as well as having full control over how and when their products are dispatched. Set up an API to connect B2B Wave to warehousing and delivery to make one perfect ly connected system.

- Michael M. Owner

The team is always very goof at B2B Wave. I don't even have to report a bug to them, the minute something goes wrong they are notified immediately and working on it straight away. It does everything you need plus more!

- Ryan E. Head of Marketing

We've been using B2B Wave for just over a year and it's been a great experience. The team is responsive, helpful, and willing to provide tailored support. The tailor-ability is the key thing that distinguishes it - all the quirks of our B2B sales processes have been dealt with when other platforms would struggle.

- Mark J. Cofounder

Pros & cons

PhotoShelter for Brands

Libris is helping my department share our MANY, many assets in an organized an accessible way, saving us time and enabling our internal clients to have the tools they need in minutes
My overall experience with Libris has been pleasant and easy
Two things I love in a software
I like to hear about my colleagues being delighted to be able to find pictures themselves through the searching button
I love the keywords search button
PhotoShelter for Brands is great because our whole team can rely on a robust system to catalog and manage our vast numbers of photo and video assets for usage throughout our organization."

We had trouble finding a single source of truth for our content, and now we have a platform where we can organize and streamline which of our franchise locations get access to specific content
Buttons move around depending on view making it confusing
Lack of intelligent meta tagging based on previous tags
Odd user interface for invited users, seeing different maps seperately
User interface should be the same for back ofice as for front office
Sometimes when importing images the system looses the thumbnail."

B2B Wave

Working with b2bwave has solved me many problems and has made my life easier in more ways I could count
We needed a system that would allow us to place orders for those customers who are used to that level of personalized service and that would allow other customers to be more self-sufficient
B2B had most of the features we were looking for
The sales and support teams were terrific at helping us understand what B2B could and could not do and at adding some custom functions for us
B2B was enormously helpful in lightening the load on the tech side of our business."

The team is always very goof at B2B Wave
I don't even have to report a bug to them, the minute something goes wrong they are notified immediately and working on it straight away
Missing a few integrations like CRM, MailChimp & multiple warehouse options
Have yet to find anything wrong with the system
Looking for the right software is daunting and making the wrong choice can be detrimental to your business
We spent over a year testing ordering portal software
The only bad thing is being charged per 1,000 SKU's restricts you wanting to put too much on there, possibly restricting sales."

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